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    11 best free search games for Android (2021)

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    Although it was a game born in the 60s, in mid-2021 there are many people who want to play minesweeper from their Android. It is one of the first PC games in history and a classic worth reliving. For this same reason, today we will introduce you the 11 best free minesweeper games for android.

    Minesweeper is a logic game in which you have to discover all the mines without stepping on any. Here you use the numbers on the game board to determine how many mines are nearby. There are many variations of this game and even several ways to play competitive minesweeper. If you wanted to relive this classic from your mobile or have a new experience with the game of a lifetime, then you've come to the right place.

    The best minesweeper games on Google Play

    • Undoubtedly mines
    • Evgeny Karavashkin minefield
    • Minesweeper for Android
    • Antimin - Minefield
    • Classic Minesweeper: Retro
    • Minefield: collector
    • GO minefield
    • Mini sweeper
    • Mindware Minefield
    • Minefield - The clean
    • Super MineSweeper II TURBO

    Undoubtedly mines

    Undoubtedly mines

    Guess-Free Mines è the ideal minesweeper for beginners. Some minefield games can be tricky, but this one is really easy to learn. Plus, it includes tutorials for things like strategies and controls.

    The game can save the click count to a file and play up to 20 previous games. It also has several customization options that make it very interesting, although we're not talking about one of the most popular minesweeper games on the Google Play Store.

    Evgeny Karavashkin minefield

    Evgeny minefield

    This version of the Minesweeper is the most popular for Android at the moment. Because? Because has everything anyone looks for in a minefield game.

    We are talking about a game with three difficulty levels and a custom mode in case you want something even more difficult. Has decent controls, a social play function, a restore function, autosave and a variety of tutorials for beginners.

    Minesweeper for Android

    Minesweeper for Android offers a global leaderboard, four difficulty levels, a custom mode, tablet support and more. You can zoom in on specific points to avoid mistakes and get help.

    This is one of the oldest minesweeper games on google play, but it's still one of the best alternatives to play minesweeper in 2021 from your mobile. And it has few ads!

    Antimin - Minefield

    They love each other play competitive minesweeper, then Antimine: Minesweeper is the perfect choice for you. It has three difficulty levels and a progression system that makes the game more difficult when you win and regresses when you lose.

    Also includes themes, a clean user interface, statistics and four different control schemes. Its algorithm makes sure that every puzzle can be solved with logic so that you don't have to guess anything. It is also necessary to point out that it has a system of achievements and rankings.

    Classic Minesweeper: Retro

    Classic Minesweeper: Retro

    A classic minesweeper with four difficulties, one custom mode, over 40 themes and above-average controls. There is also a guess-free mode where each puzzle can be solved with logic and strategy.

    It is very good for beginners as it has a hint system and a function that shows all relevant squares. The game makes money by selling themes and also has an interesting coin system.

    Minefield: collector

    Minefield: Collector presents strange maps, real levels (1350 of them), various rewards to collect and three difficulties. You basically play levels, complete them, and collect rewards for completing collections.

    The game also includes a premium DLC with over 700 additional puzzles. Ideal for beginners and for those who want an out of the ordinary minesweeper.

    Minefield Go

    Minefield: Go

    Minesweeper GO stands out for its campaign mode in which each level is free of guesswork in so that you can familiarize yourself with the logic of the game. Plus, it comes with three difficulty levels, multi-touch zoom, timer, custom scoreboard size and difficulty, an offline scoreboard, themes, and even a cheat system to help you get through the levels effortlessly.

    Mini sweeper

    Mini sweeper

    Minisweeper is the only one free, decent and ad-free minesweeper game in this moment. It has a minimalist design that looks great on any Android device.

    Plus, it has some customization settings, themes, an autosave feature and even allows you to change the size of the card.

    Mindware Minefield

    Minesweeper Mindware

    Mindware's Minesweeper is a simple minesweeper game with four difficulty levels. The free version includes advertisements, while the premium version has themes, does not include advertisements and some other additional features. The minefield to download if you wanted a classic and simple game.

    Minefield - The clean

    Minefield: clean

    Minesweeper: The Clean One is the most attractive minesweeper game on the list. Because? Because every detail looks very clean, making the game incredibly modern.

    This title includes autosave, flag support and five difficulty levels. In addition, the game animations can also be disabled so that each game has more speed. As you may have noticed, this is a minefield game that has everything you need to keep you entertained for a long time.

    Super MineSweeper II TURBO

    Super minefield

    Super MineSweeper II TURBO is a fresh and modern version of the classic game of the field minato, available on Google Play that offers classic gameplay in a touch environment with original graphics and smooth transitions. Plus, it comes with a crazy presentation and some really cool pixel art.

    Looking for another way to revive that Windows classic? Then check out this article explaining how to play minesweeper on your Android and without installing anything. On the other hand, we also recommend that you try some of these puzzle games for Android that will test your mind.

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