Encased: release date announced

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Prime Matter and Dark Crystal Games have announced the official release date of Encased, the next isometric dystopian sci-fi RPG, will be the 7 September 2021.

Encased is set in an alternate 1976, a large and mysterious structure - Dome (the dome) - is discovered in a remote part of the desert and contains extraordinary technology that could advance humanity hundreds of years. You are one of the individuals selected to venture inside. The player must start from one of five disciplines: science, engineering, security, management or detention, which affect both his starting stats and his specialization and opens (or prevents) a unique dialogue within the game. After entering the dome and completing the initial level, a cataclysm will strike that will change everything inside it.

The player will fight in turn-based tactical battles, explore the vast wastelands, bunkers and settlements beneath the Dome. Make decisions with long-term consequences, avoid anomalies and find mysterious artifacts. Act stealth, improve character skills and upgrade weapons.

During the journey inside the Dome, the protagonist will encounter factions competing for power. Each of them sees the future of humanity differently and this will affect the ending.

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