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    How can I promote or advertise my Minecraft server?

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    There are many sites to advertise our server, it is certainly difficult to start one. Not just because we need to make ourselves known, another important factor is trust.

    Nobody wants to start playing on a server that will soon cease to exist. Therefore, it is important that you have a lot of patience, that you know that players will gradually come to make or create a solar panel or sensor in Minecraft and in this way over time you will have more and more people enjoying themselves from the server.

    So we will look at the different methods we have to advertise my Minecraft server. As you will see a little below, it's actually quite simple.

    How to promote my Minecraft server

    Next, we will see a list of sites where you can promote your Minecraft server for free. You can do it for free and it's quite simple.


    PlanetMinecraft is a simple site, but one of the most complete in the entire community. You won't just get the chance to share your Minecraft server. If not, you can also do the same with your maps and different creations for this interesting video game.

    Minecraft server list

    It is a fairly simple, but at the same time very complete site where hundreds of servers can be found. Best of all, you can add yours for free without any kind of hassle.

    You can also add a banner, choose all the game modes and plugins you have on your server, and many other things that make Minecraft Server List very interesting and convenient.


    It's kind of a top server, it's easy enough to add yours. Here you can add the different details and features that make your server unique. You can also upload a banner to stand out a lot more. MinecraftServers is a great option for promoting your server.

    Take advantage of the communities

    Although we all agree that Taringa is no longer what it used to be. There is no denying that it continues to maintain significant enough traffic. Therefore, promoting your server in their communities is not a bad idea.

    What we recommend you do is look for them. There are exclusive communities for this game's servers, so all you have to do is simply find them via your search engine.

    How to advertise my Minecraft server


    It is a fairly simple site, as the only function it performs is share Minecraft servers. Therefore, simply by adding yours you will already be part of this web page.

    Facebook groups

    A great idea is to take advantage of the Facebook groups that so many people can embrace. can search as many Minecraft groups as you want, here the idea is to publish a post with the details on the server.

    Try not to spam that much because the social network can penalize you for it. However, it would be advisable to start joining groups as an extra member, it would not be ideal for you to continue promoting your server and not join anymore. As this way the administrators themselves can remove you from the group.

    But as you can see, promoting a Minecraft server isn't complicated at all. We have a wide variety of websites where we can advertise our server.

    If you still have any doubts, you can leave us a comment a little below and we will be happy to help you in whatever is needed. If necessary, you can consult other topics such as the risks of downloading a non-premium Minecraft launcher for PC.

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