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Have you ever wondered how to hide a camera in the bathroom? Learning how to hide and install a spy camera in the bathroom can be a great thing, mainly for security reasons and not to intrude on someone else's privacy as people think.

There are many people who have installed hidden cameras in their homes and even bathrooms, and this is nothing new. So let's see what are the best places to hide a spy camera in your bathroom and how to configure it correctly.

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How to install a hidden camera in your bathroom?

How to install a hidden camera in your bathroom? To properly install a hidden camera in the bathroom, you need to choose the right camera model and a good hiding place. It is important that the hidden camera has a good view of the bathroom and a strong WiFi connection to avoid interference.

Did you know that some spy cameras have motion sensor function so you can instantly know when someone has entered your bathroom and at the same time receive new snapshots / images on your email or phone number.

Below I have listed a step by step guide on how to properly install a hidden bathroom camera along with the best places where you can hide it.

Reasons to install a hidden camera in the bathroom

There are many reasons why people lately are installing hidden spy cameras in their homes and bathrooms. Here are the top 5 reasons you might consider:

  • If you have guests you don't trust and they often go to the bathroom.
  • You can find out what your nanny is really doing in the bathroom if you have any suspicions.
  • You can easily spot thieves if they enter the house through the bathroom.
  • Take care of your children, if there are small children in the family.

Things to know before installing a spy camera in the bathroom

  • Wide View: This is definitely the most important thing you need to look for when installing a hidden camera in your bathroom. As bathrooms are in most cases quite small, try to position the camera so that you have a very good and wide view of the bathroom.
  • Camera quality: If you have a low resolution camera, it will be very difficult to get a sharp image. Also, a good camera has the ability to capture images and record videos in high resolution, which is desirable. So also pay attention to the one you choose.
  • Night Vision Mode: This would be a great feature. Night vision cameras can take good photos even in low light conditions. If there isn't enough light in the bathroom, you may not be able to record anything.
  • Waterproof Camera: If you are looking for the right place to hide your camera, you must first make sure it is waterproof. In some places in the bathroom, the camera may come into contact with water and it may break. Therefore, it is best to take a waterproof camera.
  • Try it: Once you have successfully placed the camera in a hidden place, try to test the connection and see if everything is working properly. The wireless cameras can work via WiFi or Bluetooth.
  • Smartphone camera: If you don't have a camera, you can use your smartphone as a hidden camera. All you have to do is find a suitable spot, hide your phone, download the streaming app and you are ready to monitor and record by phone.
  • Fully charge the camera: If you're using a hidden camera or mobile phone, you need to fully charge it so you don't run out of power. Most spy cameras can last around 6 hours in record mode.

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The best places to install a hidden camera in the bathroom

The first thing that comes to your mind is: where in the bathroom can you put a camera without them noticing? If you are creative, you can find at least 5 spots such as cosmetic bags, mirrors, perfume sprayers, vents, radiators, countertops, etc. Here we will list the top 7 places where you can hide your spy camera.

1. Ceiling

The ceiling is one of the best places to install a hidden camera in the bathroom. One of the best places you can hide a camera is the bathroom ceiling. Because? If you place the camera on the ceiling you will cover a lot of area in your bathroom. You can easily make a false ceiling inside your bathroom and drill a small hole for the camera.

If you place a camera on the ceiling, you also need to cover the camera so that it is not visible. As another example, you can take an electric lamp that can be placed on the ceiling with the camera inside. That lamp can be fake or true, it doesn't matter.

2. Towel hook

Towel hooks are a great place to install a hidden camera. Each bathroom has towel hooks. Check which part of the bathroom you placed the hook and it's a good place to put a webcam. Rarely will anyone pay attention to the towel hooks while in the bathroom, and if the camera fits on the hooks, it will be next to impossible to notice.

There are so many small spy cameras today that it is almost impossible to spot one and many of them can fit almost anywhere inside the house and in the bathroom. The only disadvantage of towel hooks is that the person taking a shower can put a towel over the camera and block the view.

3. Unused shower gel or toothpaste box

Example on how to install a spy camera in the shower gel. Grab an empty shower gel, deodorant or an unused box of toothpaste, put a camera inside and put it out of reach, where others won't touch it. Today, there are very small cameras that can easily fit into almost any object, including these.

Also, make sure you have a good view of the bathroom, so look for a good place to put them. Charge the camera, check the Wi-Fi signal and image quality. The rest is up to you!

4. Electric socket

Electrical sockets with integrated hidden cameras. This is perhaps the simplest way to place a hidden camera in your bathroom. Today, there are a bunch of electrical outlets that are camouflaged with a hidden camera inside. You just need to buy one. Try to position the socket as high as possible in the bathroom so that you have a better view.

I can tell you with certainty that no one would suspect that there is a secret camera inside the electrical outlet. If someone asks you why the electrical outlet is not working, say it is broken.

5. Behind the mirror

Hidden camera in the bathroom mirror. If you want to place the spy camera behind a mirror, you will need to use a two-way mirror for this job. There are more than one type of two-way mirrors, so you'll have to opt for one. This option may cost you more than others because, in addition to having to buy a spy camera, you will also need to get yourself a mirror.

6. Pieces of decoration

Use a decorative piece to install a hidden camera. Today it is common to have pieces of decoration in the bathroom. If you don't have one, you can easily put some souvenirs, a clock or decorative items inside the bathroom. The person in the bathroom won't pay too much attention to it anyway, and you can place a hidden camera inside it. Don't forget to check if you have a good angle and a good view of the bathroom when you install it.

7. Bathroom vents fan

Bathroom fans are the most used place to hide a camera in the bathroom. Today almost all bathrooms have a fan. The bathroom vents are designed so that they have slots that you can use to position the camera. The advantage with them is that they are most often installed on the ceiling or very high, which gives you a good view of the bathroom.

One of the benefits of bathroom vents is that they don't come in contact with water, so you don't need a waterproof camera. So if you have vents in your bathroom this is definitely a place I would put my spy camera.

8. Inside a cosmetic bag

Cosmetic bags can also be used to install a hidden spy camera in the bathroom. Did you know that cosmetic bags can be the perfect and easy place to hide your spy camera? People don't normally touch these things, so neither does your cosmetic bag.

All you need to do is strategically place your bag in the right place to get a clear view of the bathroom. Also, you have more options to choose from different types of spy cameras because you have a lot of space.

Step by step guide to install a spy camera in your bathroom

Step by step guide on how to install a hidden camera in the bathroom

  1. Choose a hidden location. The first step is to find the hidden location where you want to place the camera. This is also the most important step because if you choose the wrong place you won't have a good view of the bathroom.
  2. Choose a spy camera for your bathroom. Once you've selected a place, you need the right camera for that spot. Every bathroom is different, so there is no ideal camera that fits every bathroom. Take a close look at your bathroom, find the right spot and then choose a model. For example: if you want to put a spy camera in the shampoo bottle, then you need to look at which camera model would be best suited for it.
  3. Charge the camera. After choosing a camera, you need to charge it before placing it in its hidden place in the bathroom. Most spy cameras can last from 1 hour to 5 hours in recording time. It's not that long, so you'll have to charge those cameras often. There are also AC powered cameras that you can plug into a power source, but it's a bit more complicated because you'll need to find a power source and plug it into it.
  4. Install the right software. Each spy camera has its own software that needs to be installed. This software is most often installed via mobile app or on a PC. This way you will be able to have live streaming on your phone. Note that some camera models require more than one software to download for more features, such as taking photos and recording, so check that too.
  5. Try it out. Sometimes it can happen that there is a loss of signal between the camera and the receiver on which the image is sent. There are lag problems. So to avoid this, make sure you have a strong WiFi network signal. In some cases it may happen that some devices inside the house can interfere with the camera signal. So be sure to take a test.

Installing a hidden camera in the bathroom - Questions and answers

How much does it cost to install a spy camera in the bathroom?

The average price for the purchase and installation of a spy camera in the bathroom is between € 30 and € 80. The price of the camera depends on the model, quality and brand of the spy camera. Therefore, installing a hidden camera inside the bathroom is not that expensive because spy cameras can be found today at very affordable prices. This is a very cheap investment, which can mean a lot in terms of security.

What is the best hidden camera for bathrooms?

There is no better hidden camera for all bathrooms because each bathroom is designed differently. Today, there are many brands and models that are equipped with various characteristics. For example, if you place a spy camera near a shower, you will need a water resistant design. Therefore, you need to choose a hidden camera based on the structure of your bathroom.

Is it worth installing a security camera in the bathroom?

Definitely worth it, yes! Hidden cameras can be used for many things like monitoring a home (bathroom). You can find good, quality cameras at a very affordable price, say € 40. These cameras do not require any special technical knowledge, just place them in the right place, connect to Wi-Fi and you are ready to use.

Do you need WiFi to install a hidden camera in the bathroom?

Most hidden cameras are generally designed to work using the WiFi connection, but there are some models that can work without WiFi. So hidden bathroom cameras don't necessarily require WiFi to work. If the WiFi signal is interrupted, most cameras will continue to record the monitoring area.


I hope after reading this article you have learned how to hide a camera in your bathroom. We've looked at various examples of where and how to place it in your bathroom. Remember that when you install the camera, you need to choose the right angle in order to have a good and clear image. Now that you are ready, my advice is to go to the bathroom, look around for a bit and see which is the best place to place it.

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