Instagram 8.0 APK for Android - New UI and new Icons

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Instagram 8.0 APK for Android - New UI and new Icons, Instagram has just announced a revamped design strategy with updated icons and new UI for all its basic applications.

Previously, Instagram was working on the 3D logo. The one that was released with the new application looks more refined and appears to be one consisting of a flat structure.

This, of course, blends well with the new Android Material Design. The main layout of the application has also been fine-tuned and highlights the content that users share on the platform.

The basic applications mentioned above are Boomerang, Layout and Hyperlapse. For the curious, the new version of the Instagram application is 8.0.0.

The response from users has not been positive about the new icon, but has nevertheless renewed what was previously a sombre logo.

The new update can be found on the Play Store, but due to country restrictions and release strategies, your Play Store may not have that update.

In this case, read on below to find the direct link to the latest Instagram APK which can be installed without any restrictions.

Note that once you have installed this new APK on top of the one you have already installed, you will not lose any data that you previously saved in the application.

Instagram 8.0 APK for Android - New UI and new Icons

You can download the latest Instagram 8.0.0 APK from here: Download Instagram 8.0.0 APK

Let us know what you think of the new icon in the comments below.

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