The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD - Heart Pieces -Part 1

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Guide to obtaining the 24 heart pieces of the new Zelda remastered

As per tradition for The Legend Of Zelda, also in Skyward Sword the life of the protagonist is determined by the amount of heart holders in his possession. These very useful items are obtained by defeating bosses or by collecting four fragments, which can be found by exploring or solving side quests. In Skyward Sword in particular, the fragments of heart holders present in the game world are a total of 24: let's see together how to get the maximum vitality in this Nintendo masterpiece.

  •  Firone Forest: Obtainable from the first arrival in the forest, it is located on a platform that extends from the large tree in the center of the map. it can be reached by crossing a tightrope.
  • Pumpkin Island: it is located on the chandelier in the inn, to get it you will need to roll against the handrail of the balcony on the second floor until the chandelier falls.
  • In the sky: the third fragment of the heart holder is contained inside a chest of the Goddess on an islet south of Oltrenuvola. To open it, you will need to hit the hexahedron of the Goddess near the entrance to the Sanctuary of Heaven
  • Sanctuary of Heaven: in one of the rooms of the sanctuary there is a large statue in the shape of a bird. Above it is a red switch which, if hit with the scarab, will remove bars at the foot of the statue. Beyond the bars will be the fragment of the heart holder.

  • Oltrenuvola: the fifth fragment can be received from Morsego once 10 crystals of gratitude have been collected. These will be received by the inhabitants of the island by completing some of the secondary missions of Skyward Sword.
  • Eldin Volcano: along the main path you will run into a skeleton that acts as a bridge to cross the lava, it is specifically the bridge through which you will have to roll a bomb to activate a switch. In the immediate vicinity of the bridge there will be a path composed of platforms that go around the area. At the end of this platform phase there will be the sixth fragment of the heart holder.
  • Ranel Desert: in the northeastern part of the map there will be a passage that will lead up to a wall covered with cracks. Blowing up that wall with a bomb will open a corridor that will lead to the seventh heart holder fragment.
  • In the sky: The fragment will be in a Goddess chest on Terry's island, to open it you will need to activate the hexahedron of the Goddess in the northern part of the Shrine of Time.

  • Roulette Island: once Dodoh has opened his mini-game on the roulette island (to do so, you will need to retrieve the roulette wheel in a side-quest), you will be able to participate. To get the first prize, that is the fragment of the heart holder and 500 rupees, you will have to land on the multicolored platform of the roulette.
  • Pumpkin Island: once the chandelier is destroyed, it will be necessary to carry out three secondary missions to compensate for the damage. The first will consist in bringing a bottle of pumpkin soup to Eagus, the fencing instructor of the training room in Oltrenuvola. The second task will be to carry a pile of pumpkins without dropping any. The last commission that will be assigned to the player will be to entertain the guests of the inn with music during the night; if you are successful, you will be rewarded with the XNUMXth Heart Fragment.

  • Firone Forest: in the southwestern part of the map there will be a wall with cracks similar to the one that exploded in the fragment of Ranel. Behind it will be the eleventh fragment of heart, unreachable on the first visit to the forest as the bombs were not yet available to the player.
  • Oltrenuvola: in the eastern section of the river on the island there will be an underwater passage that will lead to a chest of the Goddess, to reach it it will however be necessary to be in possession of the aquatic dragon scale conferred by Firone. The hexahedron of the corresponding goddess is the one in the northeastern area of ​​the Eldin volcano, on one of the platforms above the sand slide.

And with this it ends the first half of this guide. P.For the remaining 12 fragments of heart holder in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, we invite you to read the second part.

► The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is an Adventure type game developed and published by Nintendo for Nintendo Switch, the video game was released on 16/07/2021
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is a beautiful game that cannot be missing from your collection: we have decided to evaluate it with a 80%, if you are interested in learning more you can read the Review of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

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