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    What is transmogrification in World of Warcraft? how can I transfigure objects or objects in WoW?

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    Similarly, in each of the video games we can see how people exhaust every last function they carry, even creating new possibilities; These are different options from those offered by default by the video game.

    On the other hand, it is always good to know the basic processes of each video game to which we will dedicate our time; as well as a guide to the solutions we can implement when an accident occurs within them and we have doubts.

    Changes in World Of Warcraft

    Within World of Warcraft they present several games, these are created over the years ; updating its platform every time with special modifications in each of them, which make them unique while retaining their essence.

    So, among the most played World of Warcraft games, people have a preference for the details of one over the other; such as, they enjoy a version, however they prefer details like the appearance of an armor existing in some other version of the game.

    As for the unique details for each World of Warcraft expansion, the so-called stacks always decrease every time a new expansion comes out ; These are specific details for each version of the game, such as armor, powers, changes in appearance. So it is very common to come across a series of absolutely noticeable changes, which could completely change the experience of the players.

    On the other hand, being so changeable and varied, you need to have some sort of World of Warcraft first aid guide; which allows us to resolve doubts and get ourselves out of trouble and solve specific cases.

    What is Transfigure in World of Warcraft?

    Unlike many other video games, World of Warcraft installs easily and at the same time allows you to carry out simple processes within it; like in case of the method of the transfiguration, which is widely used and which allows you to change the appearance of objects, so that the statistics cannot be changed.

    It should be noted that there are people who really like the look of old objects and want to have them; However, equipping these items will make their characters weaker, which is why there is the transfiguration.

    Therefore, transfiguring into a game like World of Warcraft serves for example to modify the armor of a new game released; therefore, in the case of said armor, it will have to go through a transfiguration, and thus it will be possible for it to take on the desired appearance.

    As for the transfiguration process, this could also be described in a type of trade within the video game ; Items lose their stack level when a new expansion is released, and old items won't fully strengthen the character.

    How to transfigure objects or objects in World of Warcraft?

    The main thing to start a transfiguration process in World of Warcraft is the object we want to transfigure and the object we have equipped; To get transmog, you must first go to a dungeon o do a raid in an ancient set. There you have to defeat the bosses or monsters that are there to get the item you want for your character.

    On the other hand, once you have obtained the object, you have to bring it to one of the "Transfigurators" found in the capitals of each faction; this must be "horde or alliance" or with a mount called "Great Expeditionary Yak".

    Next you need to place the item corresponding to your class's equipment "Plate, mesh, leather or fabric" in the corresponding box; or "head, shoulder, chest, cloak, waist, cuff, hands, legs, boots, two-handed weapon, one-handed weapon, shield or left hand."

    Then a , for a cost of gold, the character will change the appearance of the item current with the one of your selection. At the same time, remember that in some versions there may be changes and variations in the transfiguration process.

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