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    Why won't Fortnite open or load me? - Fortnite doesn't work

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    The first thing to know is that the video game consists of an application downloaded to the user's computer or device. This, in turn, will work with a stable internet connection to access the available worlds.

    Loading problems they are due to errors in the development of the game which may be due to a bad one connection or a failure in the equipment in question. There are many solutions when Fortnite won't open or load, but the most important are the following:

    Solution 1 when Fortnite won't open or load: reinstall Fortnite

    Since many glitches can be fixed by rebooting, it never hurts  perform this action on the device. Then reopen Fortnite to see if it fixes the problem.

    If it's not helpful, let's proceed to reinstall the application on your computer or phone.

    It is no secret to anyone that the application has updates or patches that can flag an error. Then reinstallation allows you to renew the codes and release the set of cookies or other elements that slow down the processes.

    When reinstalling the application, be sure to update the game to the latest version or the version that works best for your device.

    Solution 2 when Fortnite won't open or load: set the graphics settings to Low level

    Another major reason Fortnite won't open or load is when the graphics settings are very high. Therefore, the user will have to demote manually by following these steps:

    • Enter the "Configuration" of the device on which the game is installed, then access the panel " Video configuration »Located in the lower area of ​​the panel.
    • This is the perfect time to check all the controls in the settings and adjust. It should look like this: medium screen resolution, low or medium quality, medium or far viewing distance, disable shadows and anti-aliasing, lower textures and effects.
    • Finally, when saving the configuration, the computer restarts to see if Fortnite continues with the same problem.

    Solution 3 when Fortnite won't open or load: updating the graphics card driver

    Missing or outdated drivers on your computer can prevent Fortnite from opening or loading. Especially if the graphics card driver and adapter driver are network. If you have a graphics card it is important to know the types to know you have the right one.

    Therefore, the user will need to verify that the graphics card drivers are up to date. There are only two ways to update this:

    Manual driver update

    The manual procedure is given through the download of the latest driver version belonging to the manufacturers. Once it is found, it is installed on your computer. It is important to keep in mind that this is a task that requires skills in programming and incorporating applications into technological equipment.

    Automatic driver update

    In case of lack of relevant knowledge or little patience, users can do it with Driver Easy. This support will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for it.

    Owners don't need to know exactly which system is running on their computer, so they don't have to risk downloading and installing the wrong driver.

    Also, the update can be done using the free or Pro version of Driver Easy. Although the Pro version only needs 2 clicks on the "Scan now" button, wait for the procedure to complete and it can be performed on your computer. In order for any changes to your computer to take effect, it is important to fully reboot and reopen the game.

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