Best PS5 Games: Availables and Upcoming Releases

Best PS5 games 2021 out now and coming

After a troubled launch, PS5 is slowly starting to return to availability, and entering the homes of millions of gamers. However, there are still few PS5 games that allow you to fully enjoy the next-gen console and the performance it can guarantee. We have selected the best PlayStation 5 titles currently available, including exclusives designed for the new console, and PS4 games optimized for the next-gen.

Anyone who has managed to win a PS5, or is in the process of buying it, is certainly interested in knowing the games currently available for the Sony's next-gen console. In fact, since the official release, the PS5 games catalog it wasn't all that varied, presenting a decent one launch line-up, with often expensive games, and some title for PS4 ported to the new console.
Fortunately, over time this catalog is increasingly enriched, with new releases and exclusives, which allow you to fully enjoy the performance of the console.

But so, which game to buy currently on PS5? I'm online several games available you can try on the next generation console. Between triple A and more industry indie titles, we have selected the best PS5 games currently available, with a nod to the upcoming games, whose arrival is near.
These are both PS5 exclusives and PS4 games optimized for the new console. In order to enjoy the best of reduced loading timesand graphic rendering outstanding and innovative functions of the controller with DualSense.

Below you will find the best PS5 games currently available. These are very varied titles from each other both in terms of type, including action, RPG and platform, and for the cost, being both PS5 exclusives that of porting from PS4.

Spider-Man Miles Morales

With Spider-Man Miles Morales you will finally be able to return to play the role of the superhero more sympathetic of New York. This is a PS5 launch game, set after the events of the first title. This time, however, we will not play the Spider-Man we are used to, but we will play the role of Miles Morales, friend of Peter Parker.

Miles, given the absence of Spider-Man, will find himself having to protect the city, exploiting new powers and still unexplored. The game is literally a feast for the eyes with stunning graphics and a richly detailed New York City, enhanced to the fullest by ray tracing.

The game mechanics are the same that made the fortune of the first title, with a scenographic exploration and funny fights. A must have for those who loved the game of 2018.

Gender: Dynamic adventure

€ 45,99 € 60,99

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Another PS5 launch game is the latest Ubisoft gem. Assassin's Creed Valhalla will project you into the Norse world, leading an army of Vikings, impersonating a male or female character. The game consists of action and RPG mechanics, integrating everything into a large and varied game world.

The experience consists of phases of navigation, farming, combat and exploration, all seasoned with a plot that is linked to that of the historical brand of Assassin's Creed. It must be said that the PS5 version, compared to the PS4 version, guarantees literally amazing performances, with minimum loading times and a jaw-breaking graphic rendering.

For sure one of the PS5 games to play and replay.

Gender: Action-RPG, Stealth

61,99 €

Demon's Souls

Let's move on to the next one PS5 exclusive. As all fans of souls like know well, Demon's Souls is a remake of the original game released on PS3 in 2009.

The game has been completely rebuilt from scratch, in order to best express the PlayStation 5 performance. It is an extremely punishing title that pushes the gamer to constantly improve, trying to avoid the slightest mistake.
The atmosphere is that dreary and ghostly typical of souls like, with difficult enemies and bosses, of which carefully study move sets and weak points.

The ideal game for anyone looking for a high degree of challenge. The graphics, then, are the real highlight of the title with advanced lighting effects and optimal texture quality.

Gender: Souls Like, RPG

€ 59,00 € 80,99

Call of Duty: Black ops Cold War

With the new year, and the new console, a new COD has also been released. Call of Duty: Black ops Cold War, in its PS5 version, is a title designed to make the most of the Adaptive DualSense triggers, ensuring a gaming experience that is as realistic as possible.

The feeling of have a weapon in your hands and to use it against enemies, it will be real, with the triggers that replicate the recoil of rifles or the explosiveness of a submachine gun. From a graphical point of view the game is exceptional, and allows you to play at 120fps, for the very first time on consoles.

To top it all off, the zombie mode, one of the most loved by fans of the saga.

Gender: First Person Shooter

€ 65,14 € 79,99

Sackboy: The Big Adventure

Let's move on to another PS5 launch game with Sackboy: A Big Adventure. In this case we speak of a colorful and fun platformer, particularly suitable for children and families.

The level design is really well structured and, in general, the game appears very usable. Also interesting is the cooperative mode, which allows you to play up to a maximum of 4 players (exclusively locally for the moment) so you can try the title together with friends and family.

It is the ideal game to spend fun evenings with friends.

Gender: Platform

€ 56,99 € 70,99


To fully appreciate the graphics power of PS5, Godfall it is certainly a wise choice. The game world is literally breathtaking, with epic settings full of colors and special effects.

In addition to modern graphics, the game also features a system of hand to hand combat quite satisfying, in which the growth and enhancement of the character will count a lot. Great attention was also given to the loot, with the acquisition of new ones objects and resources, useful for upgrading their armaments.

The only flaw of this title is directed to the online. The title, in fact, allows you to play online but exclusively with friends on your list. However, a fun title that must be tried just to see how far the next-gen console can go.

Gender: Action-RPG

€ 44,90 € 79,99

Watch Dogs Legion

For those who love hacking and technology, Watch Dogs Legion it can be a good and fun title. Legion is the third chapter of the Watch Dogs saga, available on both PS4 and PS5, and has taken the game mechanics to much more advanced levels.

The key factor of this title is the possibility of being able to recruit in the "Resistance" practically any person that meets in the street, thus making the possibility of approaching the missions definitely varied. The game is set in a futuristic and technological London, full of appliances, objects and devices from to be able to hack.

La rendered graphics on PS5 it is truly remarkable and allows you to fully enjoy the performance of the new console.

Gender: Dynamic adventure

44,00 €

Hitman 3

Ready to take on the role of the most famous killer in the world? In Hitman 3 you will have the opportunity to impersonate again agent 47, in magnificent settings, with the express purpose of eliminating well-defined targets on commission.

The game features a high replay value, as it allows you to challenge your friends to complete tasks as quickly as possible. With Hitman 3, moreover, it is possible to play the missions of the first and second chapter, with the graphics imported from the third.

With just one game, therefore, you can relive the entire plot of the three chapters.

Gender: Stealth, Shooter

€ 49,00 € 74,99

Fenyx Rising Immortals

Another Ubisoft home product, Fenyx Rising Immortals is a title we also talked about in the guide on best Nintendo Switch games.

It is a PS5 and PS4 title, which draws from the best, mixing everything into one fun and beautiful game to look at. Between mythological enemies and ancient gods to save, get ready to embark on an epic journey that extends into a stylized and detailed open world.

The similarities with more well-known and established brands is evident, but everything does not clash and, on the contrary, is able to give a game exciting and beautiful to look at.

Gender: Role-playing game, Open World

63,03 €

Mortal kombat 11 ultimate

You literally go from one extreme to the other. Mortal kombat 11 ultimate it is indeed a violent and bloody fighting game in which to defeat and massacre your opponents.

The brand returns to the fore with a title that, while taking up the mechanics that made the fortune of its predecessors, offers new characters and special moves. The Ultimate version, in fact, contains all the 37 characters including new additions Rambo, Rain and Mileena.

The performance of the scenarios is also excellent and, in general, the fluidity of the title that manages to express its full potential on PS5.

Gender: Beat Up

€ 31,93 € 59,99


A must-have game for all car and racing lovers is WRC 9. The graphic rendering is truly remarkable, with richly detailed paths and one driving feeling ultra realistic.

The game features a completely revamped and much more challenging career mode, with the addition of new tracks like the rally in Japan, Kenya and New Zealand. The player will be able to choose from more than 50 official teams and compete in races on the last lap.

The response with PS5 pad in hand.

Gender: Driving simulator

€ 44,03 € 59,99

Planet Coaster

Another game suitable for the whole family is Planet Coaster. Literally it is a simulator in which you have to build and improve the own playground.

The main purpose, in fact, is precisely to do grow the playground, shaping the landscape, personalizing the area as best as possible and building tailor-made rides, in order to entertain their visitors.

A title certainly suitable for children, families and those who want to pass a few hours in complete relaxation.

Gender: Management

45,68 €

Astro's Playroom

A special mention also deserves Astro's Playroom. It is one of the launch games of PS5 and, more than a real title, it is about a pre-installed experience in the console, which allows you to test all its potential.

Let's talk about a mini platform with 4K graphics and 3D audio, which has the express purpose of showing i advantages of DualSense introduced by Sony. We could define it as a small masterpiece in which actions such as stringing a bow string or walking on the sand, take on a whole other meaning, thanks to the tactile feedback and adaptive triggers of the PS5 pad.

Gender: Platform

The ones seen so far are the PS5 games already available and purchasable. Over the course of this and the next few years, however, there are a whole host of upcoming games already announced. Between leaks and advances let's see what the best PS5 games coming out and the exclusives to keep an eye on.

Horizon forbidden west

Horizon forbidden west is the sequel to the successful Zero Dawn, made by Guerrilla team. We will return to play the role of Aloy, projected into a whole new world full of scenarios never seen before. From underwater exploration, to desert landscapes, to what looks like a ruined San Francisco.

Apparently the game mechanics will be implemented with new features, which will mainly concern the machines that you will face during the adventure. The release has been set for 2021, although it is not yet clear what the exact date is.

Gender: Action-RPG

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 it consolidates the excellent results achieved by the brand, and brings them to the new generation consoles. The technical sector, already excellent in the previous chapter, will be further improved, in order to make the most of the whole graphics power of PS5.

As the brand has accustomed us, it will be possible to undertake one mode rich career, with many drivable models, licenses to be awarded and tracks on which to whiz at maximum speed.

Gender: Driving simulator

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

With the release scheduled for June 11, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is undoubtedly one of those games not to be missed. What you are fans of the saga or absolute newbies, this title represents indeed a hilarious and fun adventure to try at least once in a lifetime.

The development team, Insomniac, has managed to give life to a game that makes of colors, of delusional weapons and definitely unconventional enemies, his absolute strengths.

Gender: Shooter, Platformer


Another highly anticipated game on next-gen is return, certainly one of the most interesting news. The protagonist is Selene, a space explorer who, after an emergency landing, finds herself on a unknown planet full of dangers.

Between aggressive aliens and an environment that changes with each defeat, the goal will be to get out of that hell entirely. A game that, by virtue of the procedurality of the surrounding environment, seems to be able to guarantee high replayability. The release date is set for 30 April.

Gender: Adventure, Third Person Shooter

God of War: Ragnarok

After the lucky God of War 4, a sequel to the historic saga on PS2 and PS3, is also coming Ragnarok. The story takes up the events of the Spartan Kratos and his son Atreus, immersed in the Norse world, struggling with Odin and the other Nordic deities.

This is probably one of the PS5 exclusives coming out more awaited, also given the great success of the first chapter. The release was announced for 2021, but the exact official date is not known.

Gender: Action-adventure

Project athia

The code name is Project athia, while the official one has not yet been disclosed. The title is by Square Enix which, over the years, has given away masterpieces such as the Final Fantasy saga and that of Kingdom Hearts.

Little is known about the game itself, although some images showing a supernatural world full of monsters and enemies. The graphics are stunning and the game world looks like it rich and varied. The release date? Unfortunately we will have to wait at least until 2023 to be able to try it, but it is undoubtedly a title to keep an eye on.

Gender: Dynamic adventure

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

We conclude with Kena: Bridge of Spirits, another highly anticipated game for this 2021. It is an adventure full of narrative elements with a luxuriant and detailed environment.

The game modes will see an alternation of exploration and frenzied combat with the ability to manipulate the environment to your advantage. In addition to Kena, it will be necessary to manage a team of small spirits, called Rot, who will put their special powers at the service of the protagonist.

Gender: Dynamic adventure

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