EVGA introduces Frostbite 2 thermal paste

    EVGA presented Frostbite 2, the new generation of thermal interface materials. Designed to provide heat transfer highly efficient under any workload, Frostbite 2 is easy to apply to ensure optimal thermal contact between the CPU or GPU and its heatsink. Whether it's Air Cooling, Water Cooling, Gaming or Overclocking, the thermal paste EVGA Frostbite 2 will manage to fit perfectly.

    EVGA introduces Frostbite 2 thermal paste


    • Easy to apply
    • Excellent thermal conductivity
    • Designed for high performance
    • Breakdown voltage: 250 V / mil
    • Operating temperature: -40 ° C to 180 ° C
    • Specific weight: 3 g / cm³
    • Weight: 2,5g syringe

    EVGA Frostbite 2 Thermal Paste is available for purchase at a price tag of around dollars 12, but it is not difficult to save something, thanks to the numerous offers on both the official EVGA website and the rest of the web. You just have to try it and watch out for the temperatures!

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