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Want to know how to steal neighbor's WiFi password? Before I go on I warn you that it is illegal, done. Now we can go on. Today everyone must have access to the Internet, having a quality connection that allows us to browse any website or application is the most common thing today.

Millions of people connect at the same time and search for information through websites. However, sometimes we do not have a good connection or an Internet connection point, which means that we cannot browse the Internet. So how can we steal the neighbor's WiFi password and hack the modem passwords?

On many occasions when we do not have an internet connection, we try to connect to the internet via a Wifi network, this network is often protected with a password or is a private browsing network. As much as we want to access it, we have the problem of not knowing the access password.

In order not to have these problems, later, we will teach you several ways how to find the neighbor's WiFi password, although we recommend that you only use it in emergency situations or when your modem does not work.

How to steal the neighbor's WiFi password

There are many people who want to know how to steal a wifi password and are wondering how to access the Internet without a subscription. Currently there are different methods and ways to access any type of information, this implies that many passwords for accessing Wi-Fi networks available in private libraries can be found in some programs or applications that are used to gain access to Wi-Fi networks. Fi.

Even having a secure network with a password does not ensure that any hacker can access our network and use our WiFi.

How to find out neighbour's WiFi password without programs?

When we try to access a connection or network of a neighbor or someone close to us, it is very common to find protected networks with unauthorized access. The vast majority of these networks are protected by password security and encryption systems, which is why it is very difficult to crack the modem password.

But with the help of technology we have more and more means to access certain resources that will allow us to have an Internet connection. That said, you may be wondering, can I steal the neighbor's WiFi password without using any programs? Can I access a Wifi network without using any programs? Will I be able to access a Wifi connection without any applications or programs?

As is usually the case with any program or application to hack WiFi networks, it is important to take into account the brand of the router, as this will depend on whether you can create the password or not.

How to crack the password

The reason why you are going to install a program to find neighbors WiFi passwords with PC is to be able to access the connection of modems that are close to you illegally, so you need to know the security protocol of the connection you are trying to access.

These programs usually combine algorithms and identify data in order to reveal the password used by the modem. Note that this may vary based on the quality and functionality of the program you intend to use.

How to find neighbour's wifi pw using AirCrack

AirCrack is a program that has been used for many years, so it was mostly used when using the WEP protocol, which was less secure.

However, the latest version of AirCrack has greatly improved the functionality and effectiveness of the program, introducing several tools that do a great job of checking wireless networks. That's why this is one of the programs that can't fail if you are trying to steal neighbour's wifi password with Windows pc.

Some doubts may arise while using this program, so you need to know that Aircrack-ng includes complete documentation, even if it is not simple, so you will have to pay attention and follow the instructions it offers you.

Likewise, it is also recommended to be familiar with command lines, as this will greatly facilitate the use of the program. Another detail, you need to be patient and do everything right, as otherwise you will not be successful.

Hack WiFi networks from MacOS

If you don't use a Windows computer and want to hack a WiFi network, you'll need to use another program. Fortunately, you have a program called KisMac-ng for macOS. The first thing you need to know is that it is a program known to work as WiFi network search engine, but it can also be used to hack some modems if they have the appropriate adapter.

If that first program doesn't help you hack a password from your Mac, you still have other alternatives you can use. One of the best known programs for being able to hack WiFi passwords from a MacOS computer is Wi-Fi Crack, although there are other good quality alternatives like KisMAC. To install these two programs you need to do it with Macports. The latter is a particularly useful tool when installing command line products on MacOS computers.

Steal neighbor's WiFi password without decrypting the password

Sometimes you may need a WiFi password but you don't really have time to crack it. Hacking modems with a WAP2 key generally takes a long time to complete successfully, and not all WPS are enabled (although many do). For these situations, there is a way to steal a WiFi password without actually decrypting it, and that's what it's called Wifiphisher.

The goal is to create a clone AP user and thus be able to deauthenticate the real AP user. Once this is achieved, when the real user tries to connect, a page with a "near legitimate" appearance will appear asking for the Internet password due to alleged "firmware updates". When the real user provides their password, a screenshot will be sent to you so that you can log into their connection whenever you want.

There are many very similar scripts, but the truth is Wifiphisher has proven to be the most effective and sophisticated, with a very high success rate.

Using this tool is not very complicated, however it does require command lines, so it is recommended that you read tutorials on the Internet about its functionality.


How to steal wifi using a smartphone?

If you find a Wi-Fi network on the street, it can be accessed very easily and with the help of some apps that have been developed to steal the WiFi password. However, there are some things you should take into consideration:

  • Application functionality
  • Compatibility with your operating system
  • Application optimization
  • App ratings

Taking into account the previous four points, we have below a list with the best applications that you can use for steal WiFi with your phone.

App to steal WiFi from Android

There are a number of apps to steal neighbor WiFi passwords that can be very effective in most cases, although you should also keep in mind that they can fail, so you can try:

  • Androdumper: Considered by many to be the best application to steal neighbor WiFi passwords from Android. It is a new application that uses algorithms to try to find the right combination of data, but also decrypts network data, exploiting WPS vulnerabilities, so it can be considered a real application for hacking networks. Wifi.
  • WiFi WPS Wap Tester: a perfect application for Android users who access "Root" mode. With this application you can access networks, being able to be effective even with the most secure ones. However, it is important to note that it is not compatible with all routers, so it may not be possible to establish a connection.
  • Kali Lunux is Android: This is an extension for Linux, but it can still be downloaded on Android and used to steal the neighbor's WiFi password. It is one of the best tools to be able to hack into WiFi networks that are close to you and be able to access them.
  • WPS Connect: an Android application that has the main advantage of being compatible with many modems. This app can decrypt the password of routers and show it to us so that we can access the neighbors' WiFi connection without any complications.
  • Keygen Router: an application that also allows us to identify nearby networks and show us their password, although it only works with factory-set passwords. That is, if the user changes his password, it will be impossible for you to access it.

App to steal WiFi from iPhone

It is not new that there are unique applications for each mobile operating system, so now is the time to show you a few iOS applications to steal WiFi of the neighbors:

  • WiFi2Me: named as the successor of “iWeb Pro” and improved version. This app has compatibility with many more modems. It works by creating algorithms that can decrypt router passwords to allow us to access them, so it's one of the best options you have at hand.
  • WiFi Pass: without a doubt it is one of the best existing applications to steal WiFi from an iOS device, as its operation is very simple and effective. The only flaw is that it may take some time to display the results, but that is because the application is responsible for scanning, analyzing and structuring the possible combinations to show router passwords, i.e. if a password is very long , then it may take a long time.

While there are multiple options for hacking WiFi passwords from mobile devices, the above applications have proven to be the most effective, although remember that their effectiveness can vary greatly depending on the routers they are attempting to hack.


There are many options for being able to hack a WiFi network, although the likelihood of failing is usually quite high. However, the options mentioned in this article are the most effective and are probably the best option for hacking the accounts you have around you.

Also, don't forget that what you are doing is illegal, so you should be careful with the programs and applications you use, as some may have malicious files and end up damaging your mobile or computer. It might interest you: How to change the WiFi password, simple

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