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You are looking for an official controller wired and designed for competitive console play Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One e PC? To do for you, in this case, is the new Nacon Revolution X Pro, just landed on the market today!

Born from the union of the experience gained by nacon in the field of gaming peripherals and the team Xbox, the new controller is placed in a premium range, thanks to its ability to blend all the best of current technologies with unique features, designed to satisfy even the most demanding gamers.

Among the latter is certainly the very nature of the peripheral which, being wired and official, will allow users to completely forget about latency, making them fully enter the world of competition both between friends and at an official level.

Do you want to be more and more precise, even in the longest playing sessions? Nothing to fear: just connect a headset to the Nacon Revolution X Pro to enjoy all the benefits and crystal clear audio of the sistema Dolby Atmos with automatic access included.

Last, but not least, are the extensive customization possibilities that the official controller can count on. The vastness of the settings, which can also be set via app Revolution X, in fact, they allow each player to create their own perfect combination, choosing between concave or connected stick covers, lighter or heavier controllers, curve adjustment of the levers and even the mapping of the keys. Finally, each user can, through the application, create and save up to four completely customized profiles for their controller!

The latest device signed nacon it will also be ergonomic, thanks to the professional levers with unparalleled range and precision of movement, and easy to carry anywhere: the controller is in fact equipped with a comfortable hard case.

The new Nacon Revolution X Pro is available, starting today, at the recommended retail price of 109,99 €.

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