GIGABYTE B560: released a bios update

The new bios update manages to bring the i9-11900K CPU to 5.1 GHz

Gigabyte, one of the spearheads in the tech sector, has released a new BIOS update for motherboards in the last few hours B560; the latter can support processors i9-11900K, reaching up to 5.1 GHz, overclocked on all cores.

Thanks to its anti-interference design, and XMP technology, this type of motherboard can use RAM with a frequency of up to 4800 MHz; also in this case we find the possibility of overclocking, to bring our memories up to 5300 MHz.

How do you get these improvements? Simple, just click, where you can easily download the new BIOS.

In the past, motherboards in the “B” range have never been equipped with overclocking tools; today, thanks to Gigabyte's development and research team, the aforementioned processor can be overclocked, while maintaining low temperatures during the Burn-In test. Through automatic overclocking, therefore, it is possible to bring the RAM up to a maximum of 4800MHz, but the more experienced can try their hand at manual overclocking, to bring them to 5300MHz, a very high value.

Le Gigabyte B560 they are also equipped with a PCIe 4.0 controller, which guarantee an access speed of 7000 MB / s, as far as the latest SSDs are concerned, and also a 2.5 GbE network, for a fast and stable connection.

And will you update the BIOS, or will you wait for a next release?

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