LG 34GN850 21: 9 Monitor - Review

An excellent monitor with a panel capable of offering a good color range, thanks also to the support of HDR.

The monitor market has never been so flourishing: there are displays for all tastes and needs, from the classic 16: 9 up to the exaggerated 32: 9; we have flat and curved monitors, with high and very high refresh rates. In short, buying a monitor nowadays is a difficult task given the large amount of models on the market but to help you in this choice, today we are here to talk to you about LG 34GN850, a monitor with 21: 9 aspect ratio, 160 Hz refresh rate and many other essential features for gamers.

LG 34GN850 is a monitor belonging to the UltraGear line, therefore thought in all respects for the gaming world that thanks to its aspect ratio is able to adapt well even in non-playful areas. The installation is extremely simple: once the contents have been removed from the package, simply screw the support base to the pedestal and then insert - thanks to an interlocking system that will also facilitate removal - the panel to the arm, connect the various cables and enjoy the show. 

The design of LG 34GN850 is not overly aggressive as can be seen on competing monitors, on the contrary this proposal from LG remains quite sober, able to adapt to any gaming, studio or work station. The predominant color is black embellished with some red details. The support base is V-shaped and is slightly raised, able to give the monitor a more modern and refined design.

The arm allows us to adjust the vertical height of the monitor, in order to better adapt it to our needs, but it does not allow rotation along the vertical axis, a negligible detail as it is an Ultra Wide monitor.

On the arm there is also a convenient slot that allows us to better organize all our cables. If we wanted to save some space, LG 34N850 supports it VESA standard 100 × 100, so you can attach it to a desk arm or hang it on the wall. On the back of the monitor we find all the Input / Output inputs consisting of: 2 HDMI 2.0, 1 Display Port 1.4, 1 3,5mm Jack output, 2 USB 3.0 Type A, 1 USB 3.0 Type B to connect to the PC for the HUB function and the connector for the power supply.

If you want to connect your new generation consoles (always if you managed to grab one) know that you will not see them in full screen unless you want to have a terrible deformation, this is because the newborn consoles only support the classic aspect ratio of 16: 9. Net of everything, LG's proposal presents materials of excellent workmanship that give it a good solidity and durability over time.

Now we come to the part that all of you have been waiting for which is the analysis of the display, which in the end is the most important thing in a monitor. LG UltraGear Gaming 34GN850 consists of a 34 "curved nano IPS panel in 21: 9 ultra wide format can offer a GtG response time equal to 1ms, all combined with a resolution of 3440 × 1400 pixels, a 34-inch diagonal and a refresh rate capable of reaching 160 Hz. 

The LG monitor also supports the nVidia Gsync and AMD FreeSync technologies, both able - once activated - to adapt the refresh rate to the number of FPS generated by the video card in a range that goes from 48 to 160Hz, in order to eliminate screen tearing and give an even smoother gaming experience.

LG 34Gn850 has fairly accurate color reproduction to be a gaming monitor, in fact it manages to have 98% coverage on the DCI-P3 color gamut. We also have compatibility with HDR content, managing to achieve compatibility with the standard VESA Display HDR 400, that is the minimum questionable to manage the contents in dynamic range: enough to guarantee a good quality even in the display of the lightest or darkest scenes.

Unfortunately, there is no local dimming technology on the monitor, so blacks will always be too gray. The static contrast ratio is equal to 1.000: 1, while i viewing angles, being an IPS panel, they are very high: 178 ° on both axes.

Thanks to radius of curvature of 1.900R, the immersion is extremely high. L'input lag only 4ms, offers an immediate response time to our commands, which is very essential especially when playing online. For what concern refresh rate we are in front of a panel from 144Hz but able to achieve the 160Hz in "Overclock" mode

The sample in our possession showed no particular backlight bleeding or IPS Glow problems, showing good uniformity of the backlight. Colors too, especially gray, have good uniformity throughout the panel. Finally, the display of LG 34GN850 has a matte treatment able to prevent most of the reflections coming from the various light sources.

The OSD menu is really complete and can be called up via the small joystick present at the bottom which also acts as Status LED. In addition to the possibility of modifying the brightness, contrast, colors, we can choose between different presets already set for different scenario uses.

But how does the LG 34GN850 perform in the game? Obviously it performs really well, thanks to the wide diagonal, the excellent resolution and the high refresh rate. Immersivity is total, thanks also to the high curvature. The colors are excellent and thanks to the HDR support we will be able to see details that we used to struggle to perceive.

LG 34GN850 is an excellent monitor, with excellent ergonomics and excellent performance. The panel is able to offer a good color range, thanks also to the support of HDR. The price is not really affordable for everyone, but it is also not excessive for the type of monitor offered by LG. If you want to buy it, you can find it in most stores at a price of around € 1.199.

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