Yakuza 0: guide to fighting styles

    Yakuza 0: guide to fighting styles

    Combat is a very important component of Yakuza 0, the prequel to SEGA's famous video game series about the Japanese underworld. In this short guide we list the six fighting styles available, three for Kazuma Kiryu and three for Goro Majima, with a brief description that will allow you to choose in which style to invest points and money to improve the skills of the two protagonists, a fundamental operation to continue in the game and conquer all the trophies. In reality, the three styles of each protagonist adapt to various situations and, precisely for this reason, they are interchangeable without interruption during each battle by simply pressing the directional arrows on the pad. Precisely for this reason we recommend a balanced development of the characters: focusing on a single style you would risk finding yourself without the right moves in particular fights where it will be easier to use one of the other two.

    Yakuza 0: guide to fighting styles

    Kazuma Kiryu

    the brawling style is Kazuma's classic fighting style: with the right balance between speed and attack power, it allows you to grab enemies and use most of the scenario objects as weapons. Many of the finishing moves available allow you to eliminate weaker opponents with a single well-aimed shot and, by enhancing the right skills, moves of considerable power are unlocked such as the running kick, useful against the biggest opponents. While this style is suitable for normal street brawling, it is not very comfortable against large groups of enemies and the most powerful bosses.

    it's the fastest style, which transforms Kazuna Kiriu into a sort of Bruce Lee of the Yakuza. The Rush - which we have detailed in this guide - allows you to move very quickly and to ring combos at the speed of light, even against multiple enemies at the same time. However, it is not possible to take holds as with the Brawler, and the blows dealt with this style are not very powerful, so you will have to hit an enemy several times before seeing them fall to the ground. It is still a surprisingly useful style against some bosses, even powerful ones: being able to dodge attacks is sometimes more useful than being able to hit your hands hard, try it to believe.

    it is the meanest and most spectacular style of all, which transforms Kazuma into a real battle machine and allows him to lift and use as weapons even the largest and heaviest objects such as motorcycles simply by pressing the fist button next to them. Once you have filled the appropriate three bars, the final moves that can be unleashed with this style are really violent and devastating, with all due respect to the opponents against whom you will use them. This is a useful style against weaker groups of enemies - punches allow you to hit more opponents - and against most bosses, as it will allow you to parry the most powerful attacks and drain a lot of energy from the opponent with each hit. The only drawback, with this active style Kazuma will move very slowly, so it is not recommended to use it against fast opponents.

    Goro Majima

    it is the closest to Kazuma's Brawler style. A little more violent (with the right pressure of light and heavy attacks it is possible to conclude the combos with a comfortable and devastating rotating kick) and just as effective, it allows the grabs and the use of weapons. Particularly interesting are the moves that allow you to hit opponents on the ground, which are also more violent and effective than those in Kazuma's arsenal.

    it is the style that most of all will know how to get you out of trouble in the most desperate situations. In this style Majima will always have a weapon equipped: it is possible to change weapon, but the baseball bat supplied (with infinite hits) already does its job very well, allowing you to hit more opponents at the same time and to beat the enemies more corpulent and apparently immovable. With this style you can not make grabs, but by consuming the bars of the special moves you will be able to smash the head of any enemy, even the most powerful bosses.

    it is the most unusual and interesting style of Yakuza 0. Very fast and incredibly choreographic, it takes a lot from break-dance and allows Majima to spin for several seconds in the middle of groups of opponents, hitting them all with little powerful but effective punches and kicks. It is the most suitable style when you will find yourself fighting indoors or in small spaces: in this case the enemies will not be able to hit you and you will be able to rotate and perform finishing moves at such a speed that the opponents will find themselves on the ground without even understanding from where did the football that knocked them out. Due to its being not very powerful and not very controllable once the basic combo has been played, it is not recommended to use this style in boss fights.

    Finally, we remind you that, in addition to fighting styles, in Yakuza 0 it is also possible to enhance other characteristics of the playable characters. In this guide you will find Kazuma Kiryu's skills.

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