Roccat Syn Pro Air Wireless - Review

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The Turtle Beach tech brand relaunches with its new entry.

Gaming headphones are now one of the most requested and used accessories in the tech environment: in part thanks to the increasingly better sound compartments of video games, but also thanks to the growth of the competitive sector. Precisely in reference to this last slice of users, the features regarding 3D audio are growing more and more, especially in FPS titles as they allow you to move in a conscious way of the game space that surrounds us.

And it is today that we are going to analyze one of these headsets, specifically we are talking about the Roccat Syn Pro Air.

At first glance it is easy to understand one of the strengths on an aesthetic level: the Roccat Syn Pro Air in fact are decidedly minimal. Both the box and the headphones are composed of a sober black, broken only by some LEDs present on the lower part of the pavilions, even if it is a rather small part; so if you are looking for a product full of RGB and sparkling, this headset is not for you. As for the construction, we can safely say that it has been superbly studied; in fact, after trying them in really long gaming sessions, even after hours and hours of gaming, the headphones will not be uncomfortable and will not tire you in the slightest. This feature is due to the soft ear pads and the plastic arch, which allows us to adjust everything according to how comfortable we feel.

On the pavilions we can find two wheels, which allow us to adjust the volume of the incoming and outgoing audio, a USB-C port for charging, a LED that shows us the status of the headphones and a port for the microphone included in the inside of the box, covered by a small rubber button. Speaking of the microphone, we can activate two states thanks to the latter: if held high, the microphone will be muted, while if lowered it will be activated and signaled to us through a small acoustic notification in the headphones.

The product has been tested on a PC, but not only: thanks to the adapter USB-C / USB-A present inside the box, we can connect our headphones to smartphones, tablets and so on. To be precise, the test was also carried out on PS4, where we analyzed his behavior within the party and in game; in both cases the headset performed excellently, managing to capture both the lightest noises and on smartphones both in input and output. As for smartphones and tablets, you can use the aforementioned headphones safely, but we advise against it: the adapter, in fact, is bulky, and absorbs the battery quite quickly.

Obviously this type of device has a dedicated app, which we can use to update the headphones and manage the various values ​​related to the audio profile that we believe best suited to our needs; despite this we are talking about a decidedly meager application to date, with the hope that this will be updated over time.

In conclusion, the Roccat Syn Pro Air are in our opinion excellent gaming headphones; we emphasize this concept, as for other multimedia uses the yield is not the best. They're not your classic RGB-filled gaming headset, pretty over the top, but they know their stuff. You can buy them at a recommended price of 149.99 €, even if at the time of the review the headphones are discounted at 119.99 €: take advantage of it!

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