I1601P, the new monitor from AOC

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With hybrid USB-C and USB-A connection.

I1601P is the new monitor from AOC, the display specialist that expands the range of portable monitors. By itself, the portable monitor is the most convenient solution for a simple setup based on a multi-monitor but also for those looking to create a small home office. I1601P delivers on these implicit promises by combining FHS resolution and IPS panel to reproduce full colors, sharpness and wide viewing angle (170/170 °); connections are USB-C and USB-A, with cables included in the package.

I1601P also offers the hybrid one-cable solution, a feature that takes and almost replaces the functions of the brothers I1601FWUX and I1659FWUX; for laptops or devices equipped with USB-C, in fact, the connection with the single USB-C cable powers the display and transfers the video signal through the mode USB Displayport Alternate. Technology DisplayLink it responds instead to the needs of those who, equipped with old laptops, still do not have this connection: Displaylink in this case mediates the video output through the USB-A, obviously after having downloaded the appropriate Displaylink drivers.

Moving on the aesthetic side, I1601P aims for minimalism, with an aluminum gray back and a thin black front bezel. There cover Smartcase protects from scratches and can be used as a foldable stand, also considering that the monitor can be used both horizontally and vertically. Minimalism is also reflected in the weight: 800g is a relatively manageable weight, so much so that you can carry this monitor, for example, in your backpack or bag.

As we mentioned above, the AOC I1601P has a 15.6 ″ IPS panel, with FHD (1920 * 1080) resolution, 60Hz refresh rate and 5ms GtG response time; given its potential use, it has an anti-reflective coating and a brightness of 220 nits, a feature that makes it comfortable to use even in the most “common” lighting situations. As many know, the blue light of screens is very harmful to our health, which is why this monitor includes LowBlue technology, which can be activated to reduce blue lights.

The new AOC I1601P will be available from 2021 August a 239€.

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