Lenovo introduces new educational products

The tech products company relaunched, presenting several new products for the DAD

That of the DaD it is one of the most discussed topics at the moment; tech companies, lately, are striving to create new products that are suitable for the purpose.

Among these we find Lenovo, which in recent days has presented a new line of laptops designed for online teaching: these are combined with an excellent software sector, obviously aimed at simplifying learning by students, but also teaching.

In the order we find:

  1. A new series of Chromebook and laptops, obviously Lenovo branded
  2. The monitor ThinkVision T24t
  3. A series of apps for education and teaching approach

So let's start with the first point: the new collection of learning PCs has been made more mobile and more resistant. This thanks to the addition of doors and reinforced hinges, rubber inserts, for any falls, with the insertion of a Gorilla Glass, great for protecting screens.

Among the most important additions we find a USB Type-C port, which allows you to connect external devices to the PC, and to recharge the latter in just one hour the battery up to 80%; later we find an HDMI port, essential if we want to connect an external screen, going to expand the workspace. In addition, a shutter for the webcam has been added, aimed at safeguarding the student's privacy.

As for the processor, laptops Lenovo 14w e 14e Gen2 include processors AMD, optimized for Chromebooks; differ from the models 14w Windows by their color (Aluminum in the first case, Black in the second). In contrast, the Lenovo 500e and 500w are based on the new processors Intel Celeron N5100 e Intel Pentium N6000. Finally we find the models 100e e 300e, with recent AMD CPUs in the case of Chromebooks, while the Windows versions feature a AMD 3015e.

After the PCs we find the ThinkVision T24t, which offer a better learning experience, thanks to high interactivity; the latter is possible above all thanks to the touch screen. In addition, the monitor also features a USB Type-C port for easily connecting Windows, Chromebook or Android devices, along with docking and 75w power supply. Obviously, given the long exposure to screens, kids can run into problems related to sight; for this very reason, the T24t is equipped with a technology called Natural Low Blue Light, aimed at reducing exposure to the blue light produced by the screen.

Moreover, we also find Lenovo branded peripherals designed for teaching. Among these we find the headphones Lenovo 100 Stereo USB, great for conferences or lectures; the webcam Lenovo FHD, with a CMOS sensor for video calling in 1080p. The Lenovo USB Essential Mouse, with a 1600DPI optical sensor, for both right and left handed, and finally the hard cases Targus 11,6-inch, which allows you to use the laptop even while it is inside the case.

As mentioned before, Lenovo aims to simplify the DaD, also simplified by its range of software such as:

  • Lenovo Hybrid Classroom, to create a much more manageable virtual class
  • SentinelOne, to protect against the latest and most well-known malware groups
  • LanSchoolAir, to transfer files to student PCs, for greater involvement
  • Le Creativity Apps Chromebook, a series of 5 digital tools through which students can express their skills to the fullest

Finally we also find the introduction in this field of eSports, to encourage strategic thinking, and the use of VR; let's talk about the Lenovo VR Classroom 2, which takes the learning experience to another level.

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