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    How to survive in ARK: Survival Evolved - Tips and tricks to avoid getting killed

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    How to survive in ARK: Survival Evolved?

    Staying alive in ARK isn't an easy task at first, and it's not for nothing that it's one of the most popular survival games on consoles and PC. When you start your adventure in ARK: Survival Evolved you have to pay attention in the choice of the creature to attack since even the most basic creatures can put the life of a novice player at risk.

    Likewise, you must have shelter, otherwise you may starve or freeze. You should avoid swimming, because in the water there are creatures that can locate you from very far away, some of these creatures attack alone or in groups.

    Something essential to survive in ARK is create tools, because at first you will have nothing but your hands and using them will hurt you. You have to get wood and straw from the trees and stones around the beach. By combining these three materials you can create a stone pickaxe.

    In this way, knowing how to change the time or make day or night in ARK doesn't hurt, as it can save you from stalking some nocturnal creature. This will also allow you to see better in case you need to build a shelter and it is at night.

    Tips and tricks to avoid getting killed in ARK: Survival Evolved

    These tips are essential if you are new to the game however they can help you even if you have been playing for a while but want to hone your survival skills.

    1. Gaining experience at the beginning can be difficult, a quick and easy way to do it can be to create easily accessible objects, such as pickaxes or stone axes. By doing this in large quantities, you gain experience especially in the early levels.
    2. You have to be careful when choosing which creature to attack, try to start by killing Dodo and Coelacanti, the other creatures they could kill you very easily if you are starting this survival adventure.
    3. Knowing the best map in ASRK is always a good way to stay away from creatures that are a real threat. They will also allow you to efficiently find any layout or material you need.
    4. Try to level up constantly. For this just avoid dying, because with every activity you complete you can level up. You need to focus on increasing health and strength. To increase your survival and resistance to various attacks.
    5. Remember to keep stocked with supplies. Hunger could kill you as fast as any enemy. Small dinosaurs like Dodo or Dilophosaur are good sources of meat and take advantage of berry picking as you walk.

    Long-term survival tips in ARK: Survival Evolved

    For those who have successfully passed the initial levels of ASRK, the long-term survival it can be a nightmare. But don't worry, you just need to follow these tips:

    • Do not settle for a shelter made of straw, this does not provide any protection against enemies, so you will be very exposed. Metal or wooden structures take longer to demolish, so they will give you better attack options.
    • You have to form or join a tribe. In this way you will be surrounded by allies and it will be easier to protect your life in the game. Also, having a tribe gives you both attack and supply advantages. You have to build a wardrobe, this will allow you to protect your most precious items as well as those of the tribe.
    • You will need to obtain transportation by land, sea or air. One of the best options is faucets, don't worry about where to find the faucets and how to power them because it's simple. Furthermore, these offer very useful attachment and transport advantages.
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