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    The best anime-based games for your smartphone

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    Here at Andro4all we really like playing video games, regardless of the platform. Desktop consoles like PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and even the mobile phone.

    Since smartphones are also amazing devices for gaming, as we found out after thoroughly analyzing the Xiaomi Black Shark 3, today we present to you what are perhaps 4 of the best mobile games but with one thing in common, they are all based on Japanese anime.

    Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

    The FIFA of anime lovers

    Who hasn't spent countless hours in front of the TV screen watching Oliver and Benji's thrilling matches? The Japanese series with the biggest soccer fields in the world comes to our mobile phones for the enjoyment of anime lovers. With a FIFA Ultimate Team style of play, the our goal will be to form the best team and beat our rivals.

    The seven deadly sins

    The Seven Deadly Sins is currently one of the most successful Japanese series of the moment. A story of action, demons and witchcraft that has become a favorite of thousands of people. For this reason, making an Android game up to the task isn't easy at all, but luckily the folks at Netmarble have succeeded.

    Dragon Ball Legends

    Dragon Ball is one of the best series in Japan and now you can remember its thrilling battles on your mobile

    We will not say anything about Dragon Ball, everyone knows which is definitely one of the most popular Japanese animation series. Goku and his friends have a multitude of games to their credit, but Dragon Ball Legends, but that's something different. A title of animated cards and battles that will allow us to face any rival from anywhere in the world.

    The awakening of Saint Seiya

    The Knights of the Zodiac also have their own mobile phone game. An action-packed RPG in which we have to lead a team of knights in their fight against evil. Join Pegasus, Andromeda, Phoenix and many other knights in this hilarious free Android game. Give me your Pegasus strength!

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