Red Dead Redemption 2 all the tricks to win in poker

An essential element in the far west of Red Dead Redemption 2 is the need for money. Having a good amount of money can be an advantage over the course of the adventure, especially if it comes to getting your hands on better armaments or horses.

One of the first methods available to earn money is Poker. Gambling is therefore revived in the Rockstar Games title.


The mini-game proposed by Rockstar Games is very accurate so as in reality if you are inexperienced or have never played before an unfortunate hand could cost you dearly.

For this reason in these pages we will illustrate how poker works, the version of poker in Red Dead Redemption 2 is the Texas Hold 'Em.

In this variant of the game each player, to access the hand, will have to make an initial bet that is the same for everyone.

Subsequently, the dealer will assign two cards to each participant at this point, each player, based on the cards obtained, will make a bet.

At this point, the dealer will place three cards face up on the table followed by another round of betting.

Next, the dealer will place a fourth card on the table, followed by another bet by the participants.

Finally, the dealer will place one last card face up, followed by a final round of betting.

At the end of the last round, the remaining participants will reveal the cards, revealing the winner.

The aim of the game is to be able to win the best combination of cards, calculating both the two in possession and those that will gradually be placed on the table.


to win in poker you have to get the highest hand. Here is a list of possible combinations, in order of effectiveness for victory.

High Card - this is a very bad hand, you don't have any winning combinations in your hand, in this case, if your opponents don't have better combinations either,
the one who owns the highest value card wins.

One Pair or Couple - if, between the two cards and those exposed on the table, there are two equal, there will be a pair.

Two Pair or Double Pair - If you have two different pairs.

Three of a kind or Tris - this combination is obtained when you have three identical cards.

Straight or Simple Straight - to get a simple straight, you must have a series of consecutive cards, they may not even be of the same suit.
for example when you have a six and a seven in your hand, while on the table there are an eight, a nine and a ten.

Flush or Color - to get this hand no consecutive cards are needed, but they must all belong to the same suit: hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades.

Full House or Full - Full house is nothing more than a combination of three of a kind combined with a pair.

Four of a kind or Poker - one of the strongest combinations. To get four of a kind, you will need to have four of the same cards. In case the opponent also has the same
hand, it will be necessary to compare the cards in possession and thus determining the winner, therefore a four of aces, for example, will be a winner compared to a four of kings.

Straight Flush or Straight Flush - a Straight Flush is obtained from the same combination of cards as for the Simple Straight, except that, in addition, it will be necessary to have a series of cards
consecutive but also belonging to the same suit.

Royal Flush or Royal Flush - definitely the strongest hand in the game. To get it, you will need to get a Straight Flush, this must be composed of the following cards: Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten.


Poker may seem like a simple game to learn, but it really isn't. Here are the apparently simple rules that must be memorized.

Raising - with this move, in practice, the player can decide to increase the bet. In such a case, anyone who wants to stay in the game will have to increase their own

Call - this move is subsequent to a Raising. In this case, the player you wish to follow will simply add the necessary amount to the pot, without however raising.

Check - through this move, the player decides to stay in the game, therefore to see the hand of the opponents, without increasing the stakes.

fold - in case, luck was not magnanimous, it is always possible to resort to the Fold. In this way, in fact, you give up participating in the phases
of the game, the only condition is that the money wagered up to that moment will still be lost.

► Red Dead Redemption 2 is an Adventure-Action type game developed and published by Rockstar Games for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia, the video game was released on 26/10/2018 The version for PC came out on 05/11/2019
Version for Google Stadia from 19/11/2019
Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game to own at all costs: we decided to evaluate it with a 100%, if you are interested in learning more you can read the Review of Red Dead Redemption 2

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