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    How To Use Enchanted Books In Minecraft How Many Types Are There?

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    Enchanted books

    Enchanted books are objects that allow the player to enchant their tools. Each book has a particular spell that can be used on an instrument. Before trying to use enchanted books, you should be familiar with the concept of spells in general and what they do. This is because weapons and armor sometimes have spells.

    Spell is a mechanic that allows the player to increase the power or effectiveness of a tool, weapon or armor. The player can find the already enchanted items or enchant them by himself using an enchantment table or enchanted book. Logically, spells can also be removed from these objects.

    How can I use enchanted books in Minecraft?

    To use an enchanted book, you must have two things: the weapon, armor or tool you intend to enchant, and an anvil. You have to place the anvil to the ground and click on it above with the right key (or the key you selected for "Use" an object). In the anvil interface, you have to place the object to be enchanted in a box and the enchanted book in the other.

    The enchanted tool will appear in the third box. Take it and use it. However, this process doesn't always work. Some spells are only compatible with a group of objects. For example, Aquatic Affinity can only be applied to a helmet.

    Make sure the spell you want to use is compatible with the item you are trying to charm. For this you may need to use the Minecraft Encyclopedia List. (Please note that the Spanish version is out of date.)

    How many enchanted books are there? Where can I find them?

    There are 6 ways to get enchanted books. We can't tell you all about them in detail, but we'll summarize each one for you.


    Le boxes found in dungeons and forest mansions have a 15% chance to contain an enchanted book. Those of the Temple of the Desert, 23%; those of the Oceanic Ruins, 21%; those of the Abandoned Mines 14% and those of the Looters Stations 11%.

    The enchanted books you get from these chests have a spell that is chosen at random when the structure is spawned. This data is only correct for the Java edition at the time of writing. In the Windows 10 version, forest mansion chests have a 17% chance.

    In Jungle Temples and Fortresses you can find enchanted books with a level of 30. The probability varies a lot, but you will almost certainly find one. And once you have a lot of them, you should organize your chest as best you can.


    Whenever you throw the hook into the water for to fish, there is an 85% chance that you will catch a fish and a 10% chance that you will catch garbage. However, there is a 0,8% chance of getting an enchanted book.


    The villagers with the profession of booksellers (librarians) can sell enchanted books. But be prepared, because they are very expensive and you must have a regular book first.


    I Looters who appear as part of an assault on a village, have a small chance of dropping level 30 books happy when they die.

    Using a table

    One of the most used mechanics when it comes to enchanting is using books to change the spell. To the tables, the spell you get is random, resetting each time you enchant something.

    Then the players enchant the books until they get the spell they want. You can use this mechanic to charm tools with whatever you want, if you already have a table. And if you don't have it, we tell you that it is very easy to make a spell table and this will be very useful.


    Barter is the English name for a mechanic introduced in Minecraft version 1.16. In the Nether, i Piglins can trade you un ingot gold with a variety of things, including enchanted books.

    Minecraft is a game widely known for not explaining its mechanics to the player. Therefore, we encourage you to continue reading the tutorials on the game. And even better: we encourage you to continue venturing into the world of Minecraft, so you will become a master in no time.

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