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    How to play Fortnite with a generic controller on PC? - Very easy!

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    Play Fortnite with a generic controller on PC

    The first thing to keep in mind is that the knowledge you will acquire in this tutorial is used for all types of controls, not just generic ones. Because on the PC you can use the controls of official companies such as Sony or Microsoft, as well as other types.

    Knowing this, there are all kinds of tips and tricks to improve in Fortnite with a controller or keyboard and mouse, that is, the controller you use will not be relevant, you will always have the opportunity to be an expert.

    To get straight to the point, you will need a control program that you use to work properly, there are many on the net, but one of the best is: Xpadder. Download the program first and once you have it on your PC, install it by running it and choosing one folder of extraction for it (give it a recognizable name so as not to get confused).

    Then plug the remote into your PC to make sure it recognizes it, if not, download the required drivers. With all of the above ready, open Xpadder and hit the icon with the shape of a control that appears at the top of the left side.


    A new section will appear, where you need to select the window called » Image «, Then click» apri »This will allow you to search for an image of the remote control that is on the PC, it is not always available this depends on the control, so this step is not mandatory, the folder you should look in is called" controller image «.

    Once this is done, you can start the actual setup to start playing Fortnite with a generic controller on your PC.

    Button configuration

    First of all, to be able to play Fortnite with a generic controller on your PC, you need to select the window " Stick »(This is for controllers with analogs, which are almost all), you have to enable the called boxes «Stick 1» e “Stick 2”, then From this the program will ask you a series of movements to configure them, do them all correctly.

    Then go to the next window called «Dpad», also select enable and follow the instructions provided by the program. So go on " buttons «, Here you have to press all available buttons on the control.

    Finally, go to " trigger ", Press the enable box and then all the triggers that your remote has, at the end of this, click on the button" end "And then on" Close »To save the changes.

    After that you have to configure the keys, in each activation button and joystick (the same with which you perform actions in the game), you can configure them as you wish, but it is recommended to do it in a console-like way as much as possible.


    To obtain this, go to " Settings »And you will see that after the previous step a box will appear above each button on the remote, you just have to click on each of the boxes, this will bring up a virtual keyboard on one side where you can select the key in question.

    The program already brings several configurations that you can choose, once finished you must also validate «Mouse arrows» in so that the mouse is controlled by the remote control and that's it.

    To finish

    With all of the above, you can easily start playing and win a game in Fortnite using a generic controller on the PC, and this program also allows the use of the Xbox 36 controller, as well as others. So you can try the controller you want and then spend hours playing like a pro.

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