What to do when you are being blackmailed on Webcam

I was registered on Skype, what can I do now? When we are victims of the webcam scam, the aggressiveness of the threats and the actions of the scammers put the victims in very intense stressful situations that can last several days, weeks and sometimes several months. Many victims ask themselves this question, how long will the blackmail last?

It is impossible to know because we do not know the profile of the scammers, but there are factors that influence the duration of the threats. In this article you will discover the different factors that can affect the duration of webcam scam harassment.

Webcam scam, what to do?

The different factors that can affect the duration of harassment:

Each case is unique and depends on the actions already performed and the aggressiveness of the scammer.... Therefore, the duration of blackmail depends on many factors and it is difficult to determine how long it can last.

Are you ready to cut contacts: many victims the first thing they do is to cut contact with scammers for fear of retaliation, which is easily understood when we know or experience such threats. Not cutting ties with the contact keeps the connection with the scammer open and encourages him to continue the harassment because he always expects to make more money.

The scammer works alone or in a group: some criminals work alone, others have teams and help manage their scams. Depending on the aggression, methodology and time the scammer will be more or less aggressive over time.

They have confidential information about you: if the scammers have confidential information, such as the name of your company, the name of your Facebook friends, the identities of your family members, phone numbers, colleagues or your employer... this could encourage them to keep the pressure on you for much longer because they know that this information is sensitive, so it puts you in a delicate situation and the pressure exerted will always be stronger and could make you give in to blackmail.

Shark I already paid some money: Paying a sum of money for criminals is a gear you don't have to fall into. They encourage you to pay by promising you that the blackmail will stop once the first payment is made. It will only be the first in a long series if you go this route.

I your personal and professional data are on the Internet: for some victims who have a professional or personal activity visible on the Internet, certain information cannot be deleted (telephone number, website, telephone number on an association site, professional address...) and constitutes a permanent point of attack for criminals. It is common for fraudsters to use this information to contact the victim again several months after the first threats and resume the webcam scam blackmail.

Scammers resell your data: Over the years, criminals have refined their methods and professionalized their criminal activities. It is not uncommon for criminals to resell their respective victim databases with all the information (videos recorded on Skype, Facebook contacts, mail, phone numbers...). This is how victims are scammed several weeks or months later by different scammers than the initial ones. Their method of retaliation, harassment and aggression can vary.

What is important to do:

- Cut off contact with offenders and stop responding, even if the threats are intense and you are afraid to respond for fear of retaliation.
- Make an inventory of all the information they have about you.
- Search Google and Facebook, whose information is easily visible to you.
, Read all tips related to the webcam scam.

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