Download Twitter videos from PC or smartphone

Download Twitter videos from PC or smartphone

So you want to know how to download Twitter videos online from PC or smartphone? Knowing download videos from Twitter directly to your computer or mobile phone is a question that every user of the social network has asked at some point. The option isn't currently built into Twitter, but it's something we can get to easily and quickly.

Here you will be able to find all the information and tools most useful for download content from Twitter. With this we will be able to save the videos where we want without complications and with the security of being able to find them when we want, since in the social network it is possible that they will be lost or deleted.

Can you download online videos from Twitter?

Download Twitter videos from PC or smartphone

Currently the quick answer is no. It is not possible to save a video directly from the social network on our PC or mobile phone, they can only be played.

The past rescue techniques that could be used to download this type of multimedia content without the need to resort to external tools they are no longer valid , but today it is no longer possible.

But that does not mean that the videos cannot be downloaded from Twitter, since thanks to the pages and programs that we will talk about below, you will be able to get the content you are looking for in the easiest and fastest way.

How to download Twitter videos from PC? The best video downloaders!

There are several places from which we will be able to download the desired videos from the social network for free and without the need to perform complicated actions. Here is a list of the best.

TW Saver

The TW Saver portal has a simple search engine with which we will be able to perform the function of download any type of file to your Twitter account. TW Saver is considered one of the most complete in this sector, as it not only allows us to download videos from Twitter, but also from other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram.

With just one click we will be ready to get the contents directly to our PC in a very intuitive way.


Download Twitter videos from PC or smartphone

Downloading from TW Video's free platform is very simple and users will be able to use it with minimal computer knowledge. In it we find a search engine in which we will be asked to enter a URL for the Twitter video. 

So, simply by copying and pasting the link in the corresponding space, we will be able to download our videos in mp4 format and in HD quality, if this quality is also found on the social network.

TW Down

From this TW Down site we will be able to obtain the media files we are looking for in different qualities, being able to convert them to mp3 format from the same portal to have only the audio and delete the video.

After selecting the video and copying the address, we will have to click on the “Download” button and in a few seconds we will be able to enjoy the video saved on our computer.

Get FVid

This tool is very effective for what we are looking for, easily saving videos to your device, being able to review them whenever we want.

With Get FVid we will be able to easily download videos from Twitter, in addition it has an extension for the Firefox browser that greatly facilitates this task, since with a single click we will be able to get the video, even faster than accessing the page .


Download Twitter videos from PC or smartphone

With this portal we will achieve the goal very quickly and effectively, download videos from Twitter. Let's find one very simple page that has a search engine in which we will have to enter the address of the tweet we want to get.

After and after a few seconds, we will have the contents at our disposal saved on the PC and we will be able to see them whenever we want without loss.

Audiovisual content can be downloaded in the highest quality in so as not to lose any resolution, a function that is very useful and gives us the security of getting the video as we see it on Twitter.

Salva Tweet Vid

The SaveTweetVid page is capable of performing the function its name indicates perfectly. It allows us to download videos from the platform in less than 30 seconds. For this, we will only have to enter the URL into your search engine and wait for it to download. 

This portal has the particularity of being able to download the audio from the file in case you don't want the whole video.

Download TW

To finish with the tools that can be used by the browser, with TW Download we will be able to download videos from twitter with a unique function.

Furthermore, this portal offers us the possibility of obtaining content in the quality we desire, if we can choose between several in a very simple way. Once the quality has been selected, we will have to click on “Download Link” and wait for the download to complete.

How to download Twitter videos from mobile?

You can also download videos from your smartphone with the Android or iOS operating system.

The operation is similar to the one we find from the computer, but from the mobile it can be even easier, since with an app we will have everything ready to download videos from Twitter.

Keep in mind that from mobile devices (Android or iPhone) you can also directly access the sites as if it were a PC, copy the link and download the video you want from Twitter.

This procedure works the same way, but if it is an action you perform regularly, you may find it more convenient to use some of the following applications.

Here are the alternatives to use from your mobile.

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Download Twitter Videos from Android

Here are the best Android OS applications to download videos directly from Twitter whenever you want:

Download Twitter Videos 2020

This application (here you have it), as its name indicates, does not lead to deception. With it we will be able to download twitter videos from our mobile , that is, it must have the Android operating system.

It is very effective and does its job perfectly. It is undoubtedly one of the best for this task. Don't hesitate to try it if you are looking to download videos from the social network directly to your smartphone.

Download Twitter Videos - Twitter video downloader

Download Twitter videos from PC or smartphone

Download Twitter Video has a very intuitive and simple system for download the videos you want and save them on your mobile with surprising speed.

From the app we can download the file we select by simply clicking on it and importing the URL to be able to have it on your smartphone. Very simple, fast and effective.

Download Twitter Videos from iPhone

This is the iPhone app that works best when performing the task of downloading videos from the Twitter social network:

Commands (shortcuts)

Download Twitter videos from PC or smartphone

Let's go now with this application available for iPhone. In iOS we don't find many alternatives, but this is one of them. With Workflow we will be able to easily download audiovisual content from the Twitter social network to our iPhone.

In addition, it has automations and IFTTT compatibility, with which we will be able to carry out activities such as sharing the tweet or downloading it when it meets a series of requirements.

Can you download videos directly from Twitter?

Videos cannot be downloaded directly from Twitter, and there is currently no official way to do this. What you can do is use external tools to download videos quickly and for free.

How to download Twitter videos from browser?

Ci sono posti come TW Saver, Download TW Video, TW Down, Get FVid, ODownloader, Save Tweet Vid o TW Download.

How to download Twitter videos from my smartphone?

You can use applications such as: Download Twitter Videos 2020, Links or Download Twitter Videos.

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