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A lot of new information on the gameplay of the highly anticipated Elden Ring emerges on the web.

If there is a title that many video players are waiting with extreme trepidation, it is definitely Elden Ring.. The new work from FromSoftware and distributed by Bandai Namco continues to be talked about thanks to new exclusive contents shown at some of the most authoritative international sites - such as GameInformer, IGN, Eurogamer and many others. In this new preview of Elden Ring we will therefore try to make a summary and give you all the new information that has been released about this highly anticipated title. You are ready? Let's begin.

Open World made in FromSoftware

If there is one thing that all journalists who have seen this XNUMX-minute gameplay video agree on, it is that for the first time there is a real open world air in a FromSoftware game. We already knew that the title was structured in the open world and it is not new; however, the new details shown and described make us understand a little more. As it turns out, the game environment is really - really - big and vast.

Also confirmed the verticality of the maps. Mountains and hills will in fact be scalable and can be used as outposts to see new territories with a telescope - yes, telescope confirmed - or to study an attack on a point of the map full of enemies.

Obviously, the game mount will accompany us on our journey. The latter, which we can evoke in the open areas of the Interregnum, will also be of help to us during the fighting. As shown in this preview video, we will be able to fight even while we are on the back of our mount. However, if we do so, we will have the penalty of having a smaller variety of attacks. At the same time, however, we will be much more agile and we will therefore be able to exploit the battlefield in a different way.

Enemies, bonfire and map

Like any self-respecting Souls, Elden Ring will also put the player's skills to the test. The enemies scattered in the maps will be so many, and many of them will join in groups to put you even more in difficulty. A curious speech that emerged in the various international previews is that some bosses will burst in a sudden and brutal way even during game explorations. An example is that of a dragon that throws itself on the ground from the sky, destroying everything around it and starting a real boss fight. This expedient, in addition to creating considerable tension, will also serve as a playful trick to create checkpoints.

It is no coincidence that in fact, upon the defeat of one of these bosses it will be possible to unlock the new version of the "bonfire" of this title which, incidentally, takes the name of Site of Lost Grace (site / place of lost grace, ed). In such a vast and dangerous world it was absolutely necessary to create checkpoints after the defeat of bigger and more difficult enemies to face. In this sense, the Sites of Lost Grace will come to our rescue and will have the exact same function as the Dark Souls bonfires. They will make us rest, recover life and, above all, give us the possibility to teleport to other unlocked Sites of Lost Grace on the map.

One of the biggest innovations in this new title is the ability to open and consult a parchment that will have the function of a game map. In this sense, Elden Ring is very close to the structure of many open worlds already on the market, including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The map will not show us the entirety of the Interregnum, but only and exclusively the parts already explored. It will also allow us to insert light indicators (later also visible in the game world) that will help us in the exploration and in the direction we want to take with our character.

Dungeon crawler

Although it is undeniable that Elden Ring is perfectly attributable to the macro-category of open world games, the title does not forget that it is a souls. AND one of the main characteristics of the Souls is that they are, among other things, dungeon crawlers. Within this new work of FromSoftware the dungeons will not be missing and will be scattered within the various kingdoms that make up the world. Many of these will be completely optional and will have a structure not entirely dissimilar to that of the Chalice Dungeons appreciated in Bloodborne.

Others, on the other hand, will be vast (but closed) maps in which at the end of the exploration the main boss of that particular kingdom will wait for us. These dungeons, which take the name of Legacy Dungeon, will allow us to walk through alternative paths and get to the same "final room" in different ways.. In this sense, the maximum freedom that Hidetaka Miyazaki and his team want to leave to the player is confirmed.

NPC e Multiplayer

The final details of this juicy preview are about NPCs and multiplayer mode. As in the other works of Miyazaki, also in Elden Ring the narrative will be quite silent and scrutinized through the descriptions of the objects, the observation of the game world and the dialogues with the NPCs. The latter, as per Souls tradition, will be scattered individuals imbued with melancholy and despair. Helping them will allow us to discover more not only about them, but also about the history of the entire narrative universe of this title.

Some of these can then be summoned during the game to face different enemies and, in general, help us in our adventure. In this sense, the entire Elden Ring multiplayer system (online and offline) looks very similar to the one already seen and appreciated in the recent FromSoftware titles. If we play online, we will be able to summon a maximum of two players and a password system can be used to allow only who we want to be summoned. If on the one hand the classic evocations will return, on the other the invasions will also return. However, there are still few details on this and FromSoftware itself reiterated that new information will be released later.

Elden Ring seems to confirm itself as a title that every Souls fan would not want and should miss. The game carries on the legacy of Dark Souls and tries to integrate the peculiar characteristics of modern open worlds with those of the more classic Souls. While waiting for new information from Bandai Namco and FromSoftware, we invite you to stay updated and tuned to our channel, where you will find all the news and information on Elden Ring.


► Elden Ring is a game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One,

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