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    Error: "Clash Royale does not open or close by itself or while loading" - Solution

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    This multiplayer online game launched in 2016 was developed by the same creators of Clash of Clans this time from the point of view of choosing to be one of the main characters who are kings, princes and dragons to destroy enemy towers through skills obtained through letters, developed from the Supercell company and getting up 86% positive marks in Metacritic.

    The game system is simple: you have a limited amount of ' Elixir ', which constantly regenerates to summon the warriors who will defend your towers and attack those of the enemies in real time, giving you victory and a certain amount of chests with gold, unique and collectible cards and even trophies that allow you to advance and level up as you play.

    Keep in mind that when you lose a game, some of these trophies may be stolen from you and you won't be able to anymore play in that arena until you get them back the same way you won them, but the bright side is that, despite that, you will be able to use the cards in the lower levels. The best thing is that this game has several tricks that you will get the most out of.

    Common mistakes: causes and solutions

    Being such a popular game, the question of server capacity can often be overwhelming which is why it tends to fail and cause our game to crash or just pull us out.

    It may also be that our device does not have the necessary technical specifications to ensure correct game operation.

    To solve the above, the area is obvious: you need a new team with enough capacity to handle the game ; Another error that usually appears is that the chat is empty and to fix it you have to exit the game a couple of times before entering again, restart the computer and run it again.

    Something that can also prevent your game from progress correctly is that the number of temporary files is excessive and you need to clear the application cache so that the occupied space is empty and you can enjoy it again.

    Another solution is to have one stable WiFi connection, as working with data depends a lot on the width of the network you have, along with how expensive it can be.

    The rule of three

    A solution that may seem annoying, but is functional enough to avoid continuous problems in our device, is only to play three games of Clash Royale as this allows temporary files not to take up space for so long on our computer, and in this way I enjoy the sound quietly ..

    Finally, a recommendation that you must take into consideration is the moment when we start our campaign, since due to its popularity, the number of users is immense and this tends to saturate the server, causing a slowdown or delay in the game; that's why the early hours are ideal for carrying on our fights.

    There is no way to prevent the server from failing, but in summary, if we can take the necessary precautions so that it does not affect us too much.

    And despite that, to be able to continue enjoying epic real-time battles against users from anywhere in the world, remember to always keep the application up to date, as this allows developers to fix any bugs that may arise.

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