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    How to get lots of obsidian and metal in ARK: Survival Evolved Where to find it?

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    In the ARK world, everything will not be so simple. Yesterday you were in your bedroom, but today you are in the middle of the city of ARK and you are faced with problems that you did not expect to encounter. This is the magic of the virtual world, which tests your mental abilities in countless ways. Here we will show you how to get a lot of obsidian and metal in Ark: Survival Evolved.

    ARK: Survival Evolved a great analogy with reality

    We evoke that what is indispensable, many times it is not observable, it is paradoxical that in the digital world one encounters the harshness of reality brought to the world simulated and fantastic.

    From the entrance to the ARK world, we will see in it in the steppes the movement of creatures, we can even find taps. The thickness of the spaces, the huge and imposing appearance and the height of the trees. All of this refers us to engrams, which are nothing more than lessons learned.

    We will come across the big city of ARK, we will also encounter elements that we don't see in our daily life, with prehistoric animals and the need to activate our sleeping side of survival.

    Since knowledge is power, engrams are total power, this knowledge will be built with experience. But we will give you some cases, how to get a lot of obsidian and metal, below a series of tricks that will be vital for progress. The power of engrams is based on the fact that the more you know, the more you dominate the ARK universe.

    It always starts with the elemental, that is, with the most elementary. And if you assume it's roof and comfort for that, then welcome to the raw ARK world. Where what really is important in real life it is transferred to virtual space.

    How to get a lot of obsidian

    This element is unmistakable, they are large, black or extremely dark rocks, and they are also flat. Obsidian will be essential in the production or processing of polymers, these polymers are what the objects in the game are made of, not only rocks and wood live in the ARK world. To be able to meet or rather travel to find it, you can spend great energy and resources.

    Therefore, knowing the strategic places is essential to safeguard and save resources. To do this, we always look for the mountains, in any case, but always looking for the large meta depositors. This resource is usually found at the top of the mountain where the base metal is usually found.

    Once the metal has been spotted, and the papacy is in full safety, try moving on, obsidian is waiting for you. You will find it occasionally climbing, do not forget its characteristics that we have already mentioned regarding the particular color and shape.

    The infallible locations to find it, however, are in areas with the presence of lava, that is, in volcanic places. It is advisable to enter caves or areas where the lava emanates with greater consistency in volcanoes.

    How to get a lot of metal

    Metal is one of the great resources you need. You can get metal in small quantities inside the rocks that you record with your pick. But remember that the ideal is to go for large veins, that is, for large quantities at one time. For them you deserve rocks with specificity, not the common ones that are always used.

    There are intermediate ones such as the round ones near the river beds and those found in theirs shallow riverbed, generally offer a greater amount of remaining rocks than the daily one. But the ideal is the mother's veins in the mountains.

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