How to talk or join a tribe in ARK: Survival Evolved - ARK Tribe Management

As we have already said, there is one great variety of video games with different themes that can be played in many ways, but this time we would like to tell you about a video game, which, although not so recently, has gained a lot of popularity.

This is ARK Survival Envolve, a survival game with an interesting story and lots of action, adventure with incredible detail.

Features of ARK Survival Envolve

This interesting video game came out on the market in 2015, is currently available for different consoles such as Xbox One, since then it has attracted the attention of gamers who love games. role playing, adventure, action and survival games.

This video game is set on an island full of impressive dinosaurs that you will encounter as the game progresses.

Here the player represents a character who got lost on this huge island surrounded by dangerous creatures, for which he must survive, but not only are the creatures a threat, so are other characters.

There are tribes or societies formed that you will need to take care of, these are found in different parts of the island.

This game takes place on different maps that as you get to know you will undoubtedly be fascinated by the incredible landscapes, it also has a great variety of animal species, including stand out le different species of dinosaurs.

For survival it is essential that your character knows not only how to navigate the different maps that he will discover.

You have to learn where to find the different important materials needed to craft weapons and other basic tools to survive.

It is also essential to know where to find animals or taps that can be tamed to move and also as a weapon if needed. But ARK Survival Envolve has another interesting feature, which allows us to socialize with others who will help us survive.

Le tribù in ARK Survival Envelope

Create a join a Tribu in ARK Survival Involves will allow you to form alliances with other players, this in turn will allow them to achieve common goals such as defeating other tribes and powerful bosses in the game.

By inviting your friends to join a tribe they will be able to use your pets, you can also assign them different functions. This will help you with the organization of the tribe to be effective and everyone will be happy within your tribe.

It is advisable to distribute different keys and access codes to shared places among the members of your tribe, this will allow them to have a good level of security against other tribes and your members will be able to join at any time.

 Being part of a tribe will help you collect EXP which will allow you to advance faster in the game.

create a tribe you have to go to your inventory select the tribe settings, there you can create and manage one, to invite another player to join your tribe you have to approach the player and open the interaction wheel.

There you will see if you have the option for invite someone to your tribe, in that case you will see the invitation, stay with the cursor on it until it loads and then send it to join a tribe you must receive an invitation.

When you receive an invitation you need to open the interaction panel, now hover your cursor over it until it loads. With these tips you will enter a be part of a tribe, whether you created it or you join one.

In this way, it will certainly be easier for you to progress with your friends in this fun and interesting video game, download ARK Survival Evolved and have fun immersing yourself in this exciting prehistoric world.

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