Fix: "Pokémon Masters closes game or goes black" - Update problem

Pokémon is a very long-running franchise that has been installed on the market since 1996 when they launched their first game called Pokémon Red per Original Gameboy.

In these games, you represented a small 2D character in a pixelated world, where you had to walk alone and go to forests and meadows to find and catch Pokémon.

The main premise of these games is train and raise pokémon so that they level up. Despite being a game with simple mechanics at first, don't be fooled.

This is one of the characteristics that really separates pokémon from other video games and has allowed it to have a replay value that all users have been able to observe in recent years.

The beasts can be of different shapes than their type, which is usually linked to some element of nature. Among the most important are fire, water, electricity, vegetation, earth and soil (the latter refers to those who live underground).

It is important to note that pokémon they also have 6 special features that make them stand out, these are their statistical figures in the game.

This dictates what each monster has a specific number of Life Points equal to the monster's resistance; attack, or how hard it can hit; defense, or how well you can take hits; defense and special attack, which are in the case of special movements such as rays and mists; speed, which calculates which Pokémon attacks first; and special.

All these Stat, as the game calls them, they serve to create a combat system which differs from other games because it has a fairly intuitive and fun strategy, which is the main aspect for which Pokémon has been so successful.

What to do if Pokemon Masters closes by itself or goes black

In this tutorial we will see the solution for Pokémon Masters if the game yes closes by itself or freezes on a black screen. This also happens with the Pokémon Go, and it's a common problem among apps that has a simple fix.

It turns out that Pokémon Masters EX is not a play of light. This game requires at least 1 GB of internal memory and at least 2 GB of RAM.

This is because it is a graphically demanding game, which has visual elements that can be highlighted by the other games in the Playstore. It is very important to note that the game also has a set of templates and sprites which require a lot of space to be stored.

The problem with the fact that it's such an extended game is that it does spend a pretty tiring time for phones trying to run it. If your phone has the physical requirements, you should know how to check if your Android is 32-bit or 64-bit.

To make sure your phone can use Pokémon Masters EX, you will have to know how to see and know the technical characteristics of your mobile phone. Once you have made sure you meet the requirements and your phone keeps showing black screen or the game restarts, you should do the following.

What to do if they meet the requirements and the game keeps crashing - Solution

Sometimes, when downloading games, due to our internet providers, yes there are packet skips or small errors in the download which make the files not compatible with our phones. Usually, apps take this into account when downloading and have mechanisms that fix these errors immediately, but sometimes these are too large for the phone to fix on its own

If so, we recommend that you completely remove the game from your phone from the settings. Once the game is completely uninstalled, you need to enter the app market and download it again. Usually, this removes all damaged files and allows you to continue playing without further problems.

Come Pokémon Go, Pokemon Masters EX it can be downloaded for both mobile devices and Android tablets, via its tab in the Google Play Store or via the Apple App Store if you have an iPhone.

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