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    How can I write a book in Minecraft step by step?

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    You realize the diversity of things you can do in this game, but before you can write in a book in Minecraft, You must do it. And like everything in this game you have to collect a different variety of materials, some of them can be easily spotted and others have to be created with the combination of other materials as well.

    The complexity and variability you can find in this game are amazing, but it is important that you know what the steps to follow and the materials are. But if you are fascinated by this interesting game, we encourage you to play Minecraft Classic online, so you don't need to download it.

    How can I write a book in Minecraft step by step?

    But before we continue with this tutorial we will answer a question that has surely been in your head for a while since you read the title of the article. And that's what a book is for Minecraft and why do I have to write one. And the answer is simpler than you think and then we'll tell you.

    In the game it has a very varied utility, first of all if you have a large number of them you can create libraries and from there get better spells for your weapons or tools. With these books you can create a spell table, memorize spells or just so you can let your writing skills run wild.

    Steps to be able to write a book in Minecraft step by step

    Once you have the book, you can write to us by following these instructions, in first if you have an editable book in your possession. Consisting of up to 50 sheets with 14 lines written per sheet. Spaces are counted as characters and a maximum of 256 characters can be allowed.

    If you are in single player mode, while you write the world they will stop until you finish editing it. We recommend using a text editor such as Word or the Blog in Notes and write on it.

    Then just copy in your Minecraft book, but you have to take into account the parameters we offered you earlier, because if you go over the space it will not be pasted.

    It is important to keep in mind that you do not have to move the cursor while you are writing the book. Since you will not be able to return in case you need to correct a mistake in the text and you will only be able to delete it.

    But if you can use the Enter key to leave the lines blank, if you want your text to be centered you have to do it first in your word processor.

    So you just have to copy and paste it into your book of Minecraft, maybe you should do this step several times until it is centered. Once you have finished your book, you have to sign it and for this you have to add the title of the book. You should only use 16 characters for the title, remember that spaces are counted as characters.

    When you sign the book, it can't be anymore modified and it can only be read, but using the anvil you can change the title even after signing it. But with the difference that with the anvil it is allowed to exceed 16 characters for the title.

    We have thus come to the end of this interesting guide, which has shown you another of the many facets you can do in this fantastic game of adventure, house building and lots of fun. In this way and without major complications you have learned how to write a book in minecraft step by step.

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