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    How many maps are there in League of Legends and what are they like? - LoL maps

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    These are video games in most cases the games are multiplayer where you can play with another person who is also connected to the Internet.

    This video game idea was born with a group of students from the University of Essex in 1979, who made a game called Dungeons & Dragons, with the multi-user version

    Since that time games have evolved, there are even many famous games played by millions of gamers around the world, one of the favorites of internet users is League of Legends, a real game that was created a few years ago, if you want to know more about this topic we leave you an article that talks about when League of Legends was created and came out

    What is League of Legends?

    League of Legends is a game where the strategies established by the teams are important, that is, it is made up of two teams made up of five champions, each of these teams facing each other to be the first to destroy the base of the opposing team. This stands out from other games because it is a real-time action and strategy game.

    You have the option from the list of 140 champions to choose who you want to compete with and play to assassinate enemies. It is a game in which you must be registered and have an account to compete. If you haven't already, you need to create a League of Legends account.

    How many maps are there in League of Legends and what are they like?

    league of legends contains various maps where you and your friends can compete with each other online, each of the battlefields has different terrain, victories and purposes, plus you can view spells and the availability to use the items you want. However, you can learn more about the game directly on its official page.

    Among the various maps you will find to compete is the one called The Summoner’s Rift, this is one of the favorite maps of the players, there you will find three roads; one that traverses the map through the center (middle), one up (top), one down (bot) and a vast jungle.

    You will be able to witness team fights in big fights and the roads have extended phases, also in them you can find neutral goals hidden and great improvements to keep playing, on this map two teams of five chapeons compete.

    In Summoner's Rift, the amount of gold you play with competitors is much higher. In this map there is only a single jungle in the middle of the streets where altars are hidden for the purpose of ambushes between competitors to be more repetitive from neutral targets.

    It is important that you know that there must be a character, one with large magical damage, another with physical damage and one whose strong force are the resistances, to protect his team.

    There is also the Howling Abyss, where two teams of five champions compete, whose confrontation takes place in a single street. In this battleground, you can't get the heal from the summoner or buy it because if your champion dies, you lose these options. It stands out for being intense and aggressive.

    So you will meet Crystal Scar in this we find the map previous of the Dominion name game ; It consists of five places where you can catch your opponent, this map is not currently available as the map Twisted Forest, where it was played in 3vs3 but may return as the main map for some event in the future.

    As with the map of Frenzy to the Nexus or Nexus Blitz, which is a completely new map and is available to play from time to time due to new events within the game, which is an extremely fast-paced map that consists of 3vs3, including several challenges within it.

    If, despite all the amazing things that LoL is, you want to permanently delete your LoL account and not know more about the game, you can do it for free, but not before inviting you to try it for a few hours before, so that you can experience the game. 'experience

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