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    How to adjust settings for better viewfinder and mouse sensitivity on Valorant

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    Get one good setting to stabilize and improve the FPS and performance on Valorant as well as get a better viewfinder and sensitivity is something that has plagued more than one Valorant player.

    Having a point of view and a feeling best is extremely important when in the game, many players fail to develop their skills properly because they don't know how to configure the mouse to their advantage.

    Importance of sensitivity in Valorant

    All those Valorant players at some point in the game must have had sensitivity issues and finding a good scope, which certainly made the game a lot more difficult.

    Finding the exact point of sensitivity in Valorant is extremely important because if it is too high it can limit the level when you do make micro-corrections.

    On the other hand, if the sensitivity in Valorant is very low, it can become a big limitation when making corrections that require a lot or more movement.

    Determine the "perfect" sensitivity it is necessary as Valorant is a game where the movement is rather slow but the time to kill the enemies is usually very fast.

    Since the Valorant map is quite linear, it will be necessary to have precision, good micro-corrections, shots at short distances and good viewfinder positioning.

    The most recommended sensitivities in Valorant, for PRO players are: CSGO: 51 cm / 360, Overwatch: 32,6 cm / 360 e Apex Legends: 40 cm / 360.

    Adjust the mouse settings for Valorant

    If you are a Valorant player and you have Windows 7, 8, 9 or 10, to configure the mouse you just need to go to the control panel, once inside you will have to click on "Accessibility" and on «Change mouse settings».

    Another option to access the mouse configuration is type "mouse" in the Windows search engine, a new window will appear in which you can perform the configuration.

    Once inside the new window at the top you will find various options in which you have to select "Pointer Options" or "Pointer Configuration".

    To configure the pointer manually, you will need to check the box "Improve pointer accuracy", likewise it can be configured to be faster, which will provide greater sensitivity.

    Windows sensitivity ranges from 1 to 11, it is best to place it between 7 and 9 to avoid problems that may arise.

    Once you have configured the pointer sensitivity in the control panel, you need to click on «apply» in so that the changes are saved and take effect correctly.

    How to adjust the mouse settings within Valorant?

    Setting the mouse to Valorant can provide greater sensitivity and crosshair, which can be a great technique and advantage against enemies that may appear.

    Once the sensitivity of the mouse has been configured in Windows, it can be configured within the game for more and better results.

    Since you are in the Valorant game, you just have to go to settings and then click where it says "Mouse and Keyboard Settings".

    The way to set the sensitivity in Valorant and have a better point of view it is done through figures, which are quite easy to insert and apply to the game.

    To have a good sensitivity, it is recommended to convert the sens to centimeters / 360 and stay in the range of 40-70 centimeters (LOW SENS), finally and another recommendation would be to try the PSA method.

    The PSA Method in Valorant is based on the starting from 50 centimeters and continue testing until you get a sensitivity appropriate to the type of player.

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