How to download UNO game in Apk for Android or PC and what are the rules

ONE is a card game American born in the 70s, developed by Merle Robbins, owner of a barbershop in Reading, Ohio.

UNO is the perfect alternative for a boring afternoon at home, it has a simple game system. Each player is dealt seven cards which are placed on the table as indicated by the top card of the deck, respecting the color or number.

Download UNO apk for Android

If you are far from home, stuck in traffic in a supermarket queue or simply have no one to physically play with, you have the alternative. to play the each other on your Android device.

If you have a Wi-Fi network or a mobile data plan, you can access the App Store for free where you can download UNO, you just need to open the Play Store, press the search bar and enter the app name, then install.

Once this is done, the app will download and install on your terminal. Once downloaded, open it and it's ready to play. If you can't find a way to access the app this way, there is another alternative.

From your device, open the browser you prefer, type in the search bar «UNO apk »Give enter and you will find a page called «uptodown» in it you will have access to the app. Look for the box that says download and the download will start automatically.

As it finishes you will have to perform a few steps to install the app, you will have to go to settings, lock screen and security and select the option "Unknown sources".  Once this is done, you can run the downloaded app and install it, you have to accept its terms and it will be ready for use.

How to play UNO on PC?

If you are looking to play UNO from the comfort of your desktop computer, there are also several options for getting it. We need the help of a Android emulator for this.

In our case, as we will be installing a game, the best alternative is to use Bluestacks. To install it, we need to open our browser and search the word Bluestacks and as a first option its main page will appear.

Once there we will look for the box that says «download Bluestacks» and the download will start, once finished we will find the installation file in our download folder. We will run it and it will start downloading the program files.

Once ready we run it and proceed with accessing the Play Store and in the search bar we will do the same as our phone, then we will click on Install and that's it

What are the UN rules?

UNO is one of the best options when it comes to sharing with family due to its relatively simple rules, players are recommended to be over 7 years old

The game starts with the distribution of 7 cards to each player, the turns are started from right to left and the winner is whoever has none, or whoever reaches 500 points first, shouting "one" when he has only one card in his hand.

 There are 3 types of variants in the cards, they are distinguished by: color, number and action cards. The numbers range from 0 to 9 for each color and there are 4 colors, red, yellow, blue and green. Then there are the action cards. The action cards are:

  • The card takes two: this card means that the player who takes the next turn will have to take two cards from the deck.
  • Card of return: what this card does is reverse the direction of the turns, if the game started from left to right when this card is thrown, the direction becomes the opposite.
  • Interval card : the interval or block card when it is thrown the player of the next turn is skipped, there are also black cards, which are special action cards.
  • The card takes four colors: makes the next player take four cards and also chooses the color that follows in the game.
  • Color choice paper: when used, the player chooses the next color, being able to choose the one that is currently.

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