How to find out if a Twitter account is fake

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By reading this guide we will understand how to find out if a twitter account is fake. You are addicted to Twitter? The 140 fonts have revolutionized our lives - not only is it a good way to instantly find out what's going on around the world, but it's also a platform to make our opinions known.

It is always wise to pay attention to what you say but also what you hear on the internet. News and unsubstantiated claims on Twitter are almost always launched from fake accounts. If you don't know how to identify them, don't worry! We will help you understand how to find out if a twitter account is fakeo. So you will surf safer on the most famous social network in the world!

Undoubtedly, the best way to know if a Twitter account is fake is to see if it has the Twitter verification certificate. It is that little blue mark with a white mark in the center that appears on some accounts of important figures, companies and the media, etc. This assures us that the account is original and official, and that no shady figures are hiding behind it.

However, the use of Twitter is quite limited, thus making it more difficult tell if a Twitter account is fake. Eg, le uses SocialBro and UnTweeps help you identify followers who have been inactive for more than three months, this is one of the ways to identify if an account is fake.

How to find out if a Twitter account is fake

The Fake Follower Check site identifies Twitter accounts based on a verification percentage and divides them into fake, inactive, or good. Socialbanjers, Followerwonk, and Twitter Audit are three similar tools, although the latter can directly eliminate fake accounts.

When Twitter started identifying fake accounts it was much easier than today because it didn't include profile pictures or a bio and there were few followers. Now, the fake profile pictures have replaced the real versions and are very complete, with important biographies and numerous followers.

This makes them difficult to identify, but we can get an idea if an account is fake through a variation of the parameters based on their business. A inactive account with thousands and thousands of followers it is very likely to be fake.

Learn more about the activity: Some accounts schedule tweets in sequences that are often promotional and repetitive, making them easily identifiable. They probably have a large number of retweets, but if you look closely at them, you will notice that they are very similar tweets. Of course, these accounts are also fake.

Let's now pay attention to the photo and biography. Very spectacular photos with attractive men or women are perfect for attracting attention. However, if you look at the text of the biography, it may not be written correctly, with poorly constructed sentences or even written in another language. These are clear indications that theTwitter account is fake.

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