How to fish in the New World and get a lot of fish? - Tips and tricks

New World is an MMORPG created by Amazon Games, since it was launched it has not been a mystery that has amazed the gaming community with its great graphics, and the implementation of new or improved mechanics, such as the ability to fish. If you want start catching all the fish you want, but you have doubts about how to get it, because you are in the right place, here we will show you what you need to know to get it.

What do you need to be able to start fishing with New World?

New World offers you amazing mechanics to play with, such as trading or camping. Among them is the possibility of fish for a source of food, this counts as a kind of secondary mission, in New Word the fishing system has a certain depth, and in order to do this, the main thing you will need is a fishing rod and a lure.

Where to find a fishing rod?

You can get them in two ways, either buying it in a market, or doing it yourself, to make it you will have to level up in engineering and some materials, depending on the type of rod you are going to make, the degree of difficulty to obtain it will be greater, To create the most basic one, which is the wooden rod , you will need some fiber, which you can get from hemp plants, and some green wood you get from any bush.

How to get the bait?

It is possible to fish without bait. However, these are useful for increasing the probability of catching rare fish in the game, these can be found by some enemies, or you can also create them by having a good level of cooking. There are saltwater and freshwater lures, so keep that in mind before you go fishing.

What is the correct way to insert the fishing rod into the game?

To fish in the New World video game you will need just cast your hook in any river, lagoon or ocean, to do this you just have to do the following:

  1. Press F3 for activate the fishing mode of the game, when you do this you will see a little guide that will tell you which keys you can use. You can press R to equip yourself with a lure on your rod.
  2. Now hold down the left mouse button, this will prepare the fishing rod, and to launch it you just have to release the click, it is best to do this when the distance indicator is at maximum, this so that it can get as far as possible and in this way you have greater chance of catching fish, as the longer it is, the easier it will be to fight it.
  3. Once you release the hook you have to wait for them to bite, when they bite you will see that it starts vibrating, keep in mind that you must not press the left button until the fish icon appears on the screen.
  4. Now hold the left mouse click, a circle will appear that will load until you catch the fish, you must remember that as soon as it turns red you have to release the click, when it changes color to green click the mouse again. This action must be repeated several times, until the circle is completed.

Where should I go to catch rare New World fish?

This is a bit tricky, since ad Aeternum is a very large world, to find the best places you will have to try in the different bodies of water that there are, there are places where you are more likely to find rare fish as well as increase the quantity and speed of fishing. The community of this game has tried to map these areas for easy farming, so it will be a matter of time before all and their mysteries are known.

How do you know if there are any fish nearby to catch and are you careful?

This is a very appreciable mechanic in the game, compared to other MMO video games that also have this mechanic, thanks to its graphics, during fishing you will be able to appreciate the movement of the fish in the water, as well as the movement of these when they are cut on the fishing rod.  

At the time of fishing you have to pay attention to the movement of your bait to see if any fish are biting it, furthermore once you have caught the fish you have to be careful don't let it go during the fight before you can catch it.

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