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    How to know if I have been banned in Fenixzone and what to do to re-enable my account and IP

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    Ban is a form of sanction imposed by the administrators of a web server. It consists in temporarily or permanently blocking all accesses and advantages that the user has on the web server of said administrators.

    Unfortunately over time Fenixzone has been attacked by millions of hackers around the world, making game administrators work harder to assist and ban these hackers, but sometimes they can make a mistake and ban a user by mistake.

    It is likely to happen to you and that is why you are here, but how to be sure that you have been banned from Fenixzone? We will tell you how to know and how to fix this in case you get banned from Fenixzone.

    How do I know if I have been banned from Fenixzone?

    Fenixzone is one of the best RPG you can enjoy with your friends, with multiple servers to play, you can be a police officer, emergency doctor or the most dangerous gang member in San Andreas. But all the excitement wears off when one day you want to log into your account and discover the following messages:

    'You have been banned from this server'

    This message "You have been deprived of this server" appears when you log into the server and it means your IP has been blocked by the game administrators.

    'The server has closed the connection'

    This message appears when entering the password of our account, it tells us that the server has closed the connection "The server has closed the connection" and has nothing to do with the mobile network is the reason why the game administrators have closed your account.

    To find out why you were banned, enter the official Fenixzone page, enter your account name and password then "Enter" will appear one of the two messages mentioned above, but you should look for a red dialog box which usually appears at the top of your screen, in that window will show us the reason for the ban and the date on which it was carried out.

    However, if this window does not appear anywhere, it means that the IP has been banned, not your account. Here we will easily teach you how to fix these problems with your IP or account.

    Unbalance your IP in Fenixzone

    The solution is to change your IP, try turning off the router or modem, wait 30 seconds, and turn it on. The IP will be changed automatically and you will be able to start playing as usual, but please note that this solution only works if you have a dynamic IP.

    If you have a fixed IP try this solution. Go to the search engine of your browser and enter "Cyberghost" this is a program that will allow you to change your IP, don't be afraid to download it, it's free and safe. Press the «Browse anonymously» function, go to the «Startup options» option, make sure it is set to «Do not start browser». Then go to «Select country» do not enter your country, by default it should be «United States» otherwise, switch to that country.

    After this press the yellow button "START ANONYMOUS NAVIGATION" it will take you to a clock, you have to wait for it to reach zero. After that, you can log into the game, enter your account information and play normally.

    This program is becoming very popular, as it is one of the best VPN servers in the world, we recommend that you go to its official page to learn about all the features of this program and get the most out of it. But if the problem is that your account has been banned, read on to fix this.

    Unbann your account in Fenixzone

    Unfortunately if an administrator bans your account you cannot resolve it. The best thing you can do is to enter the “Bug Reports” session and explain your situation. It is important that before writing your complaint you have proof that the ban was wrong, otherwise you will also be banned in the forum.

    The second solution is to wait, usually when an administrator ti ban by mistake , sends you a message explaining that it was an error and immediately afterwards your account is unlocked. We understand that if your account is banned it can be very frustrating, so we recommend that you read the rules of the game and follow them, thus avoiding inconveniences like these.

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