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    How to make a wagon or automatic wagon in Minecraft? - Crafting wagon

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    Minecraft is a title that sums up an entire generation. This is because instead of dying like any game, it has been revived many times. Largely thanks to its updates with new things. With that in mind today you will learn something new that it is how to make an automatic wagon or railroad car in Minecraft ?

    And is that with each update this game it brings you closer and closer to reality, allowing the construction of new objects that have very useful functions for the development of any person's worlds. For example, learning how to make a boat, ship or boat, or learning how to make a furnace or smelting furnace, is a top priority.

    Create an auto wagon or railroad car in Minecraft

    To create your chariot, the first thing you need to do is get the materials that will lead you to its construction. These are iron ingots.

    That they are available in the form of iron blocks in any Minecraft cave, from deepest to smallest and are always available in batches of 4 to 6.

    Turning ingots is as simple as getting them, you just have to pass them through the furnace with any fuel and the result will be the desired item (it does not take much time or consumes a lot of fuel). 5 ingots are required for the wagon.

    Once you have them, you need to place them on the work table you use specifically ordered to be able to make a wagon or railroad car automatic in Minecraft. This would look like this:


    Row number 1 will be empty and in row number two you have to place an ingot in the first and third boxes, then in row number three you have to place this item in all boxes. In this way the chariot will appear and you just have to click to get it and save it in the inventory.

    This has to be placed on the tracks to appear, and the way to use them is very simple, you just have to push the wagon towards the inclined part of the tracks to start moving, and also combine the normal tracks with the thrusters so that it moves by itself .

    There are several types of wagon which would be: motorized, freight, funnel, TNT and with control blocks. The speed they reach is 8 m / s (no matter the type, this is the maximum).

    Create an automatic car

    Now that you know the above, the first part of how to make an automatic wagon or railroad car in minecraft? has been answered, so now you need to see how to make it automatic, and this uses one of its aforementioned variants, the motorized one.

    To build it you will only need a regular wagon and an oven, these items can be combined on any table by placing the oven on top of the wagon in the boxes and voila.

    Once done, place it on a rail, you need to right click and add carbon, then right click again to activate it, you will notice it will start moving by itself automatically (to give it more speed learn to make rails and propulsion circuits with redstone repeater and comparator) .


    It will be pushed in the direction the oven is facing, but you can also change direction and when I ran a curve will not slow down.

    This variant is very useful because you can join other wagons simply by placing them on the rear track, which will create a train (any type of wagon can be combined).

    If you decide to break this transport, it will give you back the materials you spent on its construction, but not the fuel that was inside. Said fuel (coal) takes 4 minutes to burn, which makes it a fairly efficient means of mobilization.

    And voila, with the latter, the question has been resolved : how to make an automatic wagon or railroad car in Minecraft? Completely, so now you can go to your game and become the king of trains.

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