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    How to record Fortnite on my PC without lag and without capture with the best quality

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    Many Fortnite players have been looking for a way to become popular within the community, either through their great gaming skills or by recording their strategies to share them through social networks.

    For the second option, there are media like YouTube and Twitch, which allow you to to broadcast in stream funny content from your screen, as long as your computer has high performance compared to the game.

    In case you want to share Fortnite guides or modes via YouTube, you should know that this is a medium that mainly requires preparing and editing a video in so that it can be enjoyed within the social network.

    Therefore, if you belong to this large group of fans who want to interact in a new way with the community of this popular game, read on to get it easily.

    How can the Fortnite window for sharing via YouTube be broadcast?

    Both YouTube and Twitch have a broadcast mode that allows the recording of certain windows, to share it with your channel's viewer group.

    But the real problem is between wanting to upload videos that stay on your site permanently, instead of streaming the content momentarily.

    Fortnite, like other games, is a program whose weight is quite unique, which is displayed through a window and its contents it must be previously registered and edited to publish it.

    Cannot record game window without capture software

    For whatever reason, many of these wannabes don't want to install any kind of software that makes it easier for them to record and stream the game.

    Unfortunately, Fortnite is a gaming platform that it does not have an option that allows you to broadcast the content that occurs within the window, therefore it is necessary and obligatory to resort to a software that takes care of this specific task.

    Note that this should only be used when you want to create a video that will then have to be edited and published, because in the case of broadcasting on Twitch, for example, the platform has the tools to share content.

    What does it take to stream Fortnite content?

    Primarily, every user must make sure that the game is fully compatible with the features of the computer, so as to avoid connection or login problems.

    Likewise, and in this case, the indispensable tool that turns out to be the program that will allow you to record the game window, so that it can later be edited and uploaded to your YouTube channel.

    Finally, and perhaps one of the most important things, the stability of the FPS (Frames Per Second) will allow you to have a pleasant experience within Fortnite, since its interface will flow with total subtlety and will allow you to avoid the famous «Frozen screens».

    OBS Studio, the ideal software to record the content of your screen

    To capture all the contents of your Fortnite window, you must follow the following steps: once the program is installed and started, you can add a new scene using the plus symbol found in the menu at the bottom left.

    Likewise, inside the «Sources» box you must add what will be logged, so in this case press the "Capture game" option and within its properties you have to find the specific window to register the customer's address together with Fortnite.

    Before starting the procedure, go to "Settings" and you will be in degree of define output models, where you specify the video resolution, the audio capture and the speed at which all this will be recorded.

    To help you with the FPS, in-game you can reconfigure the video quality for limit the amount of frames per second to 60, so that this standard never goes down and bad experiences in the game are avoided.

    In this way, it will only be necessary to record all the contents of your favorite season with the community, edited and shared with YouTube so that your guides are appreciated by other Fortnite players.

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