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    How to switch to the best DNS on PS4 and Xbox One to play online

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    What are DNS?

    If you change the server DNS, la your Internet connection will improve and you will have no problem playing online. What is DNS? You may be wondering, let's briefly see what it is.

    These are servers that were created for the need to remember the names of servers connected to the Internet more easily.

    These were originally designed to save a file HOST with all the domains known up to that point, however, the internet has continued to grow much more since the 80s and this has made it difficult to maintain this method, and that is how they have adapted up to today's DNS.

    The servers Domain Name System according to their initials, they are a system that will allow you to translate domain names that match their IP. That's why it's important to know your router's IP address, DNS, and gateway.

    These systems act as a hierarchical database to store all information relating to network domains.

    While it is true that every Internet provider provides servers to their clients so that they can automatically use them to connect to the Internet and browse, it is also true that many users choose to switch to other DNS to enjoy a better connection.

    And it is very fitting to say that changing DNS for others will get you great benefits because it will significantly improve your speed when browsing the Internet. It will also increase your reliability, as having new DNS will improve your stability, as well as being able to access networks that are blocked by geoblocking or because they are not allowed in your country.

    Surely reading the benefits of having new DNS servers made you want to change yours, let's see how you can do it.

    How to upgrade to better DNS on PS4 and Xbox One?

    The first step in changing the DNS on yours PlayStation 4 and on your Xbox One is to open the ports in order to prevent the firewall from working against the internet connection of your game console. Although many times to do this you need to know which are the best public DNS servers

    To do this, you need to verify that your console has a static IP like To get it, you need to log in to network configuration where you can see various sections that you have to fill in manually like this:

    • IP Address:
    • Subnet Mask:
    • Entrance:
    • Primary DNS:

    If it still doesn't work, you can try the IP of your router because  it's possible it has a different IP address, so you'll need to change it yourself and enter the console IP. You can learn how to configure and change the DNS of any router

    Once this is done, you can change the DNS server. You can configure it as you want and to have more freedom of decision, we will show you a selection of the best servers:

    • Google DNS:
    • Open DNS:
    • Level 3:
    • OpenNic:
    • Norton ConnectSafe DNS:
    • Comodo Secure DNS: 8..26.56.26 /
    • Free DNS:
    • PuntCAT:

    these servers offer you higher speed than those offered by the operators, so whatever you choose will be a good choice. Now to finish, you simply need to open the doors manually or via DMZ.

    If you choose to do this via DMZ, you have to enter your router via the browser and when you log in you have to look for the option DMZ and write the IP of your console.

    Changing the DNS of your PS4 and your Xbox One will be very useful for playing with whoever you want online and you won't have to worry about the connection being unstable because you will have servers that will make your gaming experience better.

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