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The bunnies return to Mafia.

Within the city of New Bordeaux it will be possible to collect a total of 50 Playboy magazines. Many of them can be found in various homes, offices and various shacks, while others will have to be found in the narrowest places of Mafia III.

In the following image you can see the precise position in which to recover them. By scrolling further down you can get a detail of the individual magazines, classified by year. With the help of the map and information below, retrieving all the magazines should be a breeze.

However, for further clarifications we will remain at your disposal:

Mafia III Playboy - Guide to all 50 magazines


Delray Hollow - 4 Magazines

1966 August - In the back office of the Everyday laundry.

1964 August - Among the stacks of boxes in Sammy's bar.

November 1967 - In the dilapidated green house, on the desk in the living room.

May 1964 - In the Double Barrel Bar, near the counter.

River Row - 7 Magazines

July 1964 - Inside the Bayside Expeditions, in the warehouse office.

June 1966 - In the Fresh Crab Shack kitchen, on the table behind the wall.

May 1963 - Baby Bear BBQ, on top of an archive in the back.

February 1966 - On the second floor of the department store, on the wooden table.

May 1966 - While trying to kill Stitch, during Union Extortion Racket, go to the stairwell of the ruined building and you will find the magazine on the floor.

October 1967 - Go to the River Row slums and enter the shack with two gardens. The magazine will be on the table inside.

December 1967 - Follow the river south and enter the house with the porch. The magazine will be on the wooden chair in the first room of the house.

Pointe Verdun - 7 Magazines

July 1965 - On the bench in front of the lighthouse.

1967 August - In the small green house next to the two-story one.

November 1965 - In the small house under the district highway.

September 1968 - In the two-story warehouse, near the large windows.

1965 August - In the small building next to Bever's Moonshine, on the black sofa.

October 1965 - In the Pointe Verdun Police Station. Use Zemis if you get stuck. The magazine will be in the small shed in the plant parking lot.

May 1967 - On the bench next to Burke's Iron and Metal.

Barclay Mills - 4 Magazines

January 1964 - In the large shipping garage, on the table behind the truck.

September 1963 - In the shack at the top of the hill.

February 1964 - In the porch cabin of another shack on the hill.

November 1963 - On the porch of the ranch at the top of the hill.

Downtown - 5 Magazines

January 1967 - In the Auto Service Center, on the office desk.

November 1966 - Enter the sewers through the tunnel in the river. You will find it on the small workbench.

June 1967 - Under a palm tree, in the flowerbed surrounding the park monument.

April 1965 - Behind the Shaker Jazz Club. You can enter it during the Cavar mission.

December 1964 - Inside the garage on the waterfront. On the desk inside the office.

Tickfaw Harbor - 5 Magazines

October 1968 - In the back of the Shooter bar.

July 1967 - In the double-decker train depot.

July 1962 - In the square building to the left of the construction site, opposite the Bayside building.

1962 August - Inside the trailer near the construction site.

May 1965 - Inside the trailer on the seafront.

Frisco Fields - 5 Magazines

April 1967 - In the small house with the veranda near the lake.

October 1968 - Go up the stairs of the great Duval Lookout tower. The magazine will be placed on the wall above.

March 1967 - In the two-story warehouse, on the table next to an umbrella.

March 1965 - In the big house with stairs leading to a scaffold. You will find it near the deckchairs, on the ground.

September 1965 - In the small shack in the neighborhood.

The French Ward - 4 Magazines

February 1962 - In the brick house with the shed.

February 1967 - In the house with the green garage, on the workbench.

April 1961 - In the neighborhood's two-story warehouse.

November 1968 - In the back of the brown house.

Southdowns - 4 Magazines

September 1967 - In the Neil A. Arthur Stadium, at the top.

March 1968 - In the long green house.

March 1966 - On the second floor of the Pearl Diver Motel.

December 1967 - Reach the three buildings connected together by the internal staircase. The magazine will be on the top floor of the central building.

Bayou Fantom - 5 Magazines

June 1962 - Inside the little hut in the Bayou.

June 1968 - In the building that overlooks the water's edge, on the work table.

1968 August - In the dilapidated Bayou shack, on top of the bedroom dresser.

July 1968 - In the house with the porch, by the picnic table.

March 1962 - In the abandoned shack, the one with many alligators near it.


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