Medievil: Where to find lost souls

If you have completed MediEvil for PlayStation 4 you will have noticed that most of the adventure trophies are unlocked without problems during the first run. However, if you are even only average trophy enthusiasts, you will certainly need some additional information to platinum the game.

Let's start by heartening you: Medievil platinum is very easy to obtain, just have a little desire for completeness and repeat the game a second time.

The trophies that need the most work to get are "Lost items" e "Spiritual guide" which require respectively find 19 lost souls and complete as many missions that each of them will entrust to you. During the first run the souls will not be visible, instead they will become so when the trunk is opened in the penultimate game level called "The vestibule", located inside the study where you will also find the glass.

The souls are placed in as many levels (all apart from "Sir Daniel's Crypt" and the location of the final boss), and the mission that each of them will entrust to you will be positioned within a different level. Basically for each level of the game you will find a soul and the mission of another soul. For this reason we have decided to prepare a guide to accompany you in the conquest of these 2 trophies, optimized so that you can get both the mission to complete and the next soul in a single one-level exploration.

Caution. Once you have obtained a soul or completed a mission, you must complete the level, under penalty of loss of progress.

So let's start from The Vestibule and retrace all the game levels to give peace to the lost souls.

SubscriptionMissionSoul location
The vestibuleFormes the Fisherman: in the room where both the chalice and the trunk are positioned, making the souls visible. The soul will appear right next to the chest once it is opened
The sleeping villageFormes the Fisherman: position yourself on the dock of the pond and defeat all the enemies that appearKambie the Tomb Keeper: Behind the Mayor's House (the one where you will find the Seal of Darkness in the safe)
The cemeteryKambie the keeper of the tomb: Hit the angel 2 times so that it rotates 180 degrees from the starting position. This will open the gate ahead and you and a tomb will appear for this soulBruty The Beast: At the beginning of the level on your right
The fields of scarecrowsBruty The Beast: in front of the second mill. Once you have used the soul you will have to face the platform section of the agricultural machinery at increased speed Chen the Enchantress: Immediately after moving the first wagon, in the alley behind the house that opens with the blue rune
The cemetery hillChen the Enchantress: Enter the witches cave by destroying the boulder blocking its entrance. Once inside, search and destroy the bookcase to reveal a secret room. Here, once you have used the soul, you will be shrunk and you will have to kill the ants that will attack youOlivara la Vecchia: before climbing the hill, in the corner in front of the shed where you will find the energy vial
The return to the cemeteryOlivara la Vecchia: where you will find the yellow rune. Use your soul and crush all the hands that appearSherman the Cerusico: on the first hill you will encounter from the beginning of the level
The basement of the asylumSherman the Cerusico: arrive in the fourth arena of the level (the one with a round plan with a fenced area in the center). Here, use your soul and defeat all enemies in both that area and the next. You will complete the mission once you exit the doorSir Schmidt the Hermit: in the cage where the mayor is locked, the one that can be opened with the green rune
The gorge of the pumpkinsSir Schmidt the Hermit: At the top of the highest hill in the location where you will find the yellow rune, use the soul and defeat all enemiesPeter the Sarchiazucche: next to the opening door with the red rune, there is a house which can be entered through a window. The soul is inside
The snake of the pumpkinsPeter the Pumpkin: After defeating the boss, use the soul and kill all the seedlings that appearTreviranus the Troubadour: next to the witch's cauldron
The mausoleum at the top of the hillTreviranus the Troubadour: use the soul in the room where the ghost is playing the organ. Collect all 40 sheet music that will appear around the levelBaffy The Riddler: in the far right corner of the church where you will find yourself at the beginning of the level
The park of the asylumBaffy The Riddler: From the beginning of the level go straight up to a circular flowerbed. Here use the soul and kill all the rhinotaurs that will appear in the maze Gavin the Golden: next to the elephant plant
The crystal cavesGavin the Golden: Use the soul in front of the yellow crystal (the big one surrounded by lasers) and collect all the treasures that will appear around himSir Cavaliere De 'Cavalieri: on the raised part on the left in the room after the large yellow crystal
The swamps of the living deadSir Cavaliere De 'Cavalieri: use the soul in front of the merchant gargoyle and reach the final area of ​​the levelHopper the stalked: in the middle of the swamp where you will have to collect the golden helmets
The Gallows GorgeStalked Hopper: Arrive in front of the burning portal. When you use the soul, a very slow ghost will appear that you will have to beat in a race passing through the checkpoints that will appearNauchbar aquatic: next to the burning portal
The lakeAquatic Nauchbar: jump into the frozen vortex, use the soul and kill the white mouse that appearsJunior Son, Senior Son Son: where you will find the yellow rune
The enchanted landJunior Son, Senior Son Son: After freeing the demons of Darkness, use the soul in front of the gargoyle at the start of the level. Some vines will appear that you will have to cut Castro the bold: after the clash with the Demonette bosses
The haunted ruinsCastro the bold: when you find yourself in front of the opening gate with the red rune, go left. Use your soul in front of the closed door next to the gargoyle. A dragon will appear that you have to take down by hitting it on the headBadillo the lookout: after opening the gate with the red rune and passing it, immediately turn left
The ghost vesselTake the lookout: take the elevator and, once at the top, go right to find yourself on a bridge between the 2 masts of the ship. Here you use the soulCaptain Coffman: Use the red rune to open the door and you will find yourself in front of an area full of trampolines. Purposely fall below and you will find the soul
The timepieceCaptain Coffman: Use the soul on the clock and move the silver hand to the symbol at the 2 o'clock position and the gold hand to the symbol at the 4 o'clock position.Sir Sloane: In the same area where the big red crystal is located, next to the elevator you used to go up
The vestibuleSir Sloane: In the room immediately before the level exit, use the soul in the center of the floor decoration and kill all the toads that appear.

At this point you have earned the Trophies "Lost Property", "Spiritual Guide" and, most likely, also Platinum.

Now, if you are truly nostalgic, you can enjoy the original PlayStation One game bootable from the newly unlocked entry in the main menu.

► MediEvil (PS4) is an Action-Adventure type game developed by Other Ocean Interactive and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 4, the video game was released on 25/10/2019
MediEvil (PS4) is a beautiful game that cannot be missing from your collection: we have decided to evaluate it with a 77%, if you are interested in learning more you can read the MediEvil Review (PS4)

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