The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth - Transformation Guide

Did you know that in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Is it possible to transform into some special creatures by collecting specific items? Whether the answer is yes or no, a nice guide to know how to get them all is always handy.

The transformations were originally two, but with the DLC Afterbirth they became eleven in total. They grant unique powers and are activated when three items from their item set have been collected.
Here is a list of all the transformations and their sets:

How to activate all transformations in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Afterbirth



  • It will allow you to fly
  • Every time a tear hits an enemy, it will create an ally blue fly


Guppy's Head Dead Cat Guppy's Collar
Guppy's Paw Guppy's Tail Guppy's Hair Ball



  • It will allow you to fly
  • The small enemy red flies will become allied blue flies


??? ”s Only Friend BBF Best Bud
Big Fan Distant Admiration Forever Alone
Halo Of Flies Hive mind Katole
Smart Fly The Mulligan Infestation
Friend zone Lost Fly Papa Fly
Obsessed Fan




  • You will leave a trail of poison behind you, damaging and poisoning the enemies who step on it


Bob's Rotten Head Bob's Brain Bob's Curse



  • You will also shoot diagonally as well as in a straight line
  • -0.3 Damage
  • Slightly decreased rate of fire


Brother Bobby Harlequin Baby Headless Baby
Little Steven Mongo Baby Rotten Baby
Sister Maggy


Fun guy:

  • +1 Health Up


God's Flesh Mini Mush Magic Mushroom
Odd Mushroom (Thin) Odd Mushroom (Large) 1up!
Blue Cap



  • It will allow you to fly
  • +2 Black Hearts


The nail The Mark The Pact
Pentagram Spirit of the Night Maw of the Void
Abbaddon Brimstone


Oh Crap:

  • You will cure yourself of half a heart by destroying the feces


Flush! The Poop E coli



  • It will allow you to fly
  • +3 Soul Hearts


The Bible Dead Dove Guardian Angel
Holy Grall Holy Mantle Mitre
Rosary Sworn Protector The Halo



  • +2 Damage
  • +0.15 Speed
  • A pill at the time of transformation


Experimental Treatment Growth Hormones Roid Rage
Speed ​​Ball Synthoil The Virus

Yes, Mother?:

  • A knife will appear behind you, you can move it by moving and it will do damage on contact like the Mom's Knife


Mom's Bottle of Pills Mom's Bra Mom's Pad
Mom's Wig Mom's Eye Mom's Purse
Mom's Contacts Mom's Knife Mom's Heels
Mom's Eyeshadow Mom's Perfume Mom's Key
Mom's Lipstick Mom's Underwear Mom's Coin Purse
Mom's Pearls


Super Bum:

  • Combine the three pets needed for transformation to create Super Bums. He will do all the duties of the three, but with double rewards


Bum Friend Dark Bum Key Bum



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