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    Where are the Overwatch highlights and how to change the folder?

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    These have a high number of users who currently play it and also participate in tournaments which are still in development for these games. However, there is a game that was very well known at its launch and managed to attract the attention of millions of players, We are talking about Overwatch.

    What is the Overwatch game about?

    Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer shooter type game, in which you will have to choose between a large repertoire of powerful heroes, each with specific abilities and ways of fighting.

    One of the most chosen characters is Genji, it should be noted that he is one of the more difficult characters to master, so you should learn how to use Genji to make the most of it before you decide to use it in an online game and want to level up.

    Although this game is still available and still maintains a considerable number of people who continue to enjoy it, even considering it one of the best multiplayer team shooter games, is not comparable to the great impact its launch had among young people in 2016.

    Despite the constant competition that exists in this type of genre, Overwatch hasn't stopped creating update patches, integrating new skins to be able to customize our characters, different game modes and new functions within the game, which facilitate us in the execution of various actions that we want, a clear example can be the function of being able to see the best moments , in patch 1.13.02 of July 2017.

    What are featured reproductions for?

    The option to see games highlighted doesn't really add anything in terms of gameplay, but it has become an addition that has ended up being a total success in the Overwatch audience, this option allows you to record and view the hit game that the user has had in a menu that offers the same game in today's top 5, which can be seen by all players and which will be deleted after 24 hours or up to an upcoming patch.

    Players will be able to register a maximum of 12 seconds of the plays that they consider remarkable, simply by pressing a button in the middle of the game, this option can be done on Xbox One, PS4 console and also on PC, in the case of the latter system the pending plays will remain saved until the next patch, you can also export the video at 4K resolution and 60 FPS in case you have Windows 10 or Windows 8.

    Where are the Overwatch highlights and how to change the folder?

    The problem with this feature for users who use a computer as a means to play Overwatch is that they tend to DON'T be a knowledge of the location of said folder in where the videos of the highlighted plays they wanted to record are saved, if this is your case, don't worry anymore, we will give you a brief explanation on where to find the folder that contains the featured plays on your computer.

    1. First you will need to close the game application Overwatch
    2. Go to the Windows menu by pressing its icon on the keyboard, or by locating it in the toolbar on the screen and clicking on it
    3. Type % Papers% in the boot menu and then hit enter
    4. Then find the "Settings_v0.ini" file and open it with notepad
    5. When you open it, search within the section text [MovieExport.1], if you can't find it, you'll need to manually create it at the end of the document.
    6. Under the line [MovieExport.1] you will need to add the following text: VideoPath = "XXX" (Replace the X in quotes with the destination path of the computer where you want the default highlighted playback videos to be stored)
    7. Save your changes and run the game
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