Aliens: Fireteam Elite - Trophy List

The hunting season for xenomorphs is open ... and for trophies.

Cold Iron and Focus Home Studios have recently released Aliens: Fireteam Elite, the new title dedicated to the universe of the famous xenomorphs made famous by the film saga started by Ridley Scott.

For all players eager to aim for the coveted Platinum, below is the complete list of Aliens: Fireteam Elite trophies.


  • Priority one: Complete the "Priority One" campaign
  • Giants of the earth: Complete the "Giants of the Earth" campaign
  • The gift of fire: Complete the "Gift of Fire" campaign
  • The only way to be sure: Complete the "The only way to be sure" campaign
  • Not a drop of sweat: Complete a mission on Intense difficulty
  • A tough resistance: Complete a mission on Insane difficulty
  • Ribbon for service in the consignment body: Complete all campaigns on Standard difficulty
  • Ribbon for service on LV-895: Complete all campaigns on Intense difficulty
  • Training path: Run a Challenge successfully
  • Specialist: Bring a kit to Rank 8
  • A dear friend of mine: Carry a four-star weapon
  • Tostapane glorified Eliminate 1.000 synthetics
  • Anti-mutation station: Eliminates 300 pathogens
  • Insect hunting: Elimina 10.000 xenomorfi
  • Gigantic beasts: Eliminate 2.000 elite enemies
  • Do you have a light?: Kill 1.000 enemies with fire
  • High voltage: Kill 1.000 enemies with electricity
  • Nuclear weapons, knives and pointed sticks: Equip three accessories on a single weapon
  • More advanced firepower: Collect one accessory of each type
  • Trendy team: Change your hat and clothes
  • Red makes you shoot faster: Use a color and a sticker on a weapon
  • Defense tower: Use 500 consumables
  • I think he likes me: Get entangled five times in the same mission
  • I have everything I need: Complete a mission without using first aid kits, ammo crates or consumables
  • Improvised explosives: Kill 50 enemies with explosive barrels or pods


  • My kind of madness: Complete a mission on Extreme difficulty
  • Campaign Medal on LV-895: Complete all campaigns on Extreme difficulty
  • SISRCM resource: Return 39 pieces of information
  • Watchful eye: Open 50 secret vaults
  • Overwhelming security: Complete 25 Challenges successfully
  • Complete equipment: Bring 5 Kits to Rank 8
  • Fully equipped: Fill each slot on a perk board
  • Ready for everything: Collect 25 accessories
  • Express yourself: collect 30 emotes
  • It's a cover, not a hat: Collect 20 hats
  • Art Gallery: Collect 40 stickers
  • On some planets it blends well: Collect 40 colors
  • Support team: Complete 50 missions without anyone falling to the ground
  • Disciplined trigger: Complete a mission on Intense difficulty or above without anyone taking damage from friendly fire
  • Suture Expert: Heal your squad members with a first aid kit 100 times



  • Medal for Service in the Lattice: Complete all campaigns on Insane difficulty
  • My best friends: Carry 30 four-star weapons


  • The most badass: Get all Aliens trophies: Fireteam Elite

► Aliens: Fireteam is a Shooter type game published by Focus Home Interactive for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the video game was released on 24/08/2021
Aliens: Fireteam is a nice game that we recommend: we decided to evaluate it with a 75%, if you are interested in learning more you can read the Aliens Review: Fireteam.

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