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    How can I participate or join Brawl Stars tournaments?

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    Brawl star is a game developed by supercell company in June 2017. It was launched on the market in 2018, bringing with it an instant hit to its players, as at the time of download it featured several characters that were very different from each other in terms of skills and battles. Differentiating into categories such as rare, ultra-rare, epic, mythic and legendary.

    To get the boxes with the characters you need the keys that you get in each game thus unlocking your favorite characters including the legendary ones. And along with them will come gold and power points needed to level up.

    How to create a room to play Brawl Star tournaments?

    First of all, we will teach you how to create a tournament yourself Brawl Star very easily. You will need to create survival rooms in the game, as this way more people will be able to enter. Follow step by step.

    1. First you have to click on "Friendly" and then choose the "Survival" mode and then you have to share the code that appears below.
    2. What those who wish to enter the game will have to do is enter that code. It's ready! They can now start playing in your Brawl Star tournament.

    What to do to participate in the already created Brawl Stars tournaments?

    Some players just want to have fun and earn some gems without being the creator of the game. You will find several methods and here we will teach you the most effective ones.

    Vs Arena. This page pre-sets a game for you  very funny. You just have to register and accept the rules of the same, which are basically following them on Facebook and on another page they provide you. By writing them they will give you access via a code and so you will be able to access any game.

    Discord. First go to the available text channel # tournament-info to find out more about this tournament. Then you have to write Register and you will receive a message that writes the following code: Joinsonly in MD and you will be registered.

    Once this is done you will have access to all the tournaments available on the calendar, choose the one you want to participate in. Then click register. Following this order enter your game name and voila you will be logged into a brawl game.

    If I qualify for the Brawl Stars Championship, how do I register to participate?

    First you will need to check your inbox in Brawl Star  How? It is very simple in the upper right part to click on the three lines in the options button. Then enter the letter and it will give you a link.

    It will redirect you to the ESLplay home page. Which will give you some steps to follow to continue with this stage of the tournament. The first thing to ask is to register on ESLplay and link your account to Supercell.

    If you are an old player who has already participated in other ESLplay tournaments there will be no problem as you already have the your linked account. But if you are a new person you will only have to create an account on the ESLplay page to continue with the next steps.

    We recommend that you use the same email address for your Brawl Star account. Now, how connect the account in Supercell? Well, enter Brawl Star, enter the top right side of the options and click on supercell ID and there an email will be requested and you will be registered.

    Once this is done you will need to enter ESLplay and link both accounts following the step by step procedure provided on the page. Once this is done, you will only have to log into your account ESLplay  and click on «Select team» and add your other players.

    Finally, you need to register for the qualifier for your region. You already know how to participate in Brawl stars tournaments. It really is that easy. Leave us in the comments as you did in this experience. successes

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