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Although Among Us is a simple game, there are many aspects that you need to take into account in order to master it at its best. If you wanted to become a real expert, you need to be clear that in this game you don't just have to kill or find the killer. For the same reason, today we will explain all the skills of Among Us and how they are used.

Among Us is a title with many active players today, but not everyone takes it really seriously. Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Well then know all the skills so you know how to make the most of them.

What are the capabilities of Among Us?

In every game of Among Us, you can use various skills depending on the moment, the situation or whether you are a crew member or an imposter. Each has a specific function, so you need to know them all to master the game correctly. However, they are all simple and very easy to learn.

Types of skills, who can use them and how

We will explain below all the skills, who can use them and how. After reading this information, we are sure you will become a better player among us:


Administration at Among Us

Admin is a skill that can be used by any player in the game, on any map. This skill is used when interacting with the admin room panel, here yes opens a map and you can see which room each player is in (although you won't know who or their exact location).

È a very useful skill trying to find the killer if you see him collaborating with other crew members in different locations. On the other hand, you should also check out this article with several tips that will help you be a better imposter.


The funniest skill in the game! Kill can only be used by impostors (on any map). As you have to imagine, it is used to kill other players in the game. Additionally, it has a reload time ranging from 10 seconds to 60 seconds, depending on the number of kills you make right now. Obviously, charging stops inside the grids or in the chambers.

When you are a killer, you can use this skill against any crew member close enough. After committing a murder, a funny and brutal animation will appear.


Report among us

Report is a skill that can be used by any player on any map. This is for notify the rest of the players that a body has been found. However, the impostor himself can use this ability to try to deceive others into believing that someone else was the perpetrator.

Using this skill, i players move to the central room to discuss what happened. In this discussion, the players do whatever it takes to try and uncover the imposter. They can vote or refrain from kicking another person out. Whatever it takes for the good of the ship!


Sabotage among us

Sabotage is an imposter-exclusive ability that can be used on any Between Us map. With sabotage, the impostors create a temporary problem that the crew must resolve to return to normal. When this happens, the impostor can set up traps, assassinate, or even participate in the solution by pretending to be a crew member.

To use it, you just need tap the corresponding button and choose the part of the map where you want to perform the sabotage. Be careful, you can only do one sabotage at a time and some of them (like the reactor or the oxygen one) can help you win the game if the other crew members don't solve it in time.


Security cameras in Between Us

Security is a skill available on the Skeld and Polus maps for any player in the game. We're talking about of surveillance cameras that you can access to see what is happening in different places on the map. Without a doubt, it could be of great help in catching the impostor.

It should be borne in mind that when a crew member uses the cameras, these illuminate with a red light to warn that someone is looking through them. Also, we suggest that you don't spend a lot of time in front of them because the impostor could kill you in seconds without you noticing.


Among us twenty

Vent is one of the most special abilities in the game and can only be used by imposters (on any map). Thanks to this skill, impostors can sneak through the vents and move to the parts of the map that are connected. That way, they can move quickly and catch other crew members off guard.

If you are an imposter, you have to be very careful when using this skill. Because? Because if a crew member sees you, they may accuse you and your game may be complicated. Be very careful when using the ventilation duct!

Do you want to be the best in this game? Then also check out these tips to win as a crew member in Among Us. Besides, you should also check out this guide which explains what all the activities are in Among Us. Become a real expert!

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