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    Android games to play with family - 33 best

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    The coronavirus has forced us to confine ourselves indoors, which gives us more time to spend with the family. Fortunately, there are many activities that can be done in a group, such as watching those Netflix series that are ideal for a quarantine. Between series and series there is also time to play and no, you don't need a next-generation game console to do that.

    Your Android mobile is the only tool you need for have fun with these 33 games to play as a family. Grab a pen and paper, because you will discover the best Android games for families to have fun with during childbirth, both paid and free. Action, adventure, board, sport, didactics… There is something for everyone. Let's get to know them!

    Sea Battle 2 (sink fleet)

    Let's start with a classic that can't miss for family fun. In this Sea Battle 2, an updated version of Sink the Fleet, you have to guess where your rivals have placed their ships. The first to sink the enemy fleet will be victorious. In addition to respecting the classic rules of the game, Sea Battle 2 includes new features such as the ability to go from sailor to admiral and become the hero of your port city.

    Price: free.

    Galaxy Bowling

    With this imprisonment, you can't leave the house to go bowling with your family. However, it does not matter, since you can download this Galaxy Bowling for free with which you can continue the challenge between you for see who is better at bowling. Thanks to its 4-player mode, the bowling alley is now on your mobile.

    Price: free.

    OK Golf

    In addition to apps for training at home, there are other apps with which you can enjoy your favorite sports without going out. For example, with this OK Golf, you can perfect your technique and face your family thanks to its multiplayer mode. Who is the best golfer of all? Time to find out.

    Price: free.

    Mini meter

    One of the most original games you can play as a family is this Mini Metro, where the goal is designing the underground network of a growing city. You have to modify it as new stations open up, and all this making it always efficient. In short, a game to show who is capable of creating the best underground network of all.

    Price: 1,19 euro.


    Traffix, a game recommended by our colleague Christian Collado in Andro4all's leisure guide to overcome the quarantine, consists of regulate the traffic of a city by checking the color of the traffic lights. Download Traffix and play with the family to find out who can make peace on the streets while avoiding vehicles colliding with each other.

    Price: 2,39 euro.

    Taxi Game 2

    It's time to get behind the wheel with this driving game in which you'll have to develop your skills as a taxi driver. Driving in this chaotic city isn't easy at all, so you'll need to get passengers to their destination while avoiding the cars and pedestrians that appear. In addition, this Taxi Game 2 includes a racing mode with which you can compete to see who is the best driver.

    Price: free.

    This war of mine

    In this war survival game you will have to control a group of civilians who are trying to survive in a city devastated by bombs. While not a fun game as such, This War of Mine is a must for learn with your relatives the catastrophic consequences of a war.

    Price: 11,99 euro.

    Premium dog hotel

    Do you love animals? With Dog Hotel Premium you and your family can run a hotel for dogs where you will have to take care of the dogs to make them happy again in the hands of their masters. Feeding, washing and training them are just some of the activities you will need to do with them. Be careful, because not all dogs are the same, each one needs different care to be in good shape.

    Price: 16,99 euro.

    Tales of the dance school

    Dance is the main protagonist of this game that you can share with your children. In it you will control a dancer who dreams of becoming a star. To do this, she enters a dance school where she will have to give everything to master styles such as ballet, hip hop, jazz and Latin dance. He progresses little by little in school, makes the best decisions and helps the dancer make her dreams come true.

    Price: free.

    Star Wars ™: KOTOR

    If you are one of those who see Star Wars a thousand times in the family, you can enjoy this game based on the history of the most popular distant galaxy. The main character is the last hope of the Jedi Order, but will he be able to master the power of the Force to save the Republic? Or will he become a villain? You will be in charge of determining his future by controlling the character and helping him to use the Force.

    Price: 10,99 euro.

    Classic Catan

    Catan Classic is one of the best board games for Android phones or tablets. Based on the classic The Settlers of Catan, in this game you and your family will have to build your cities and trade routes to become the true rulers of all lands. Before that, you will need to agree when doing business to exchange land.

    Price: 5,49 euro.

    My pastry empire

    Lizzie wants to open her own bakery and you have to help her make her dream come true. Play with your family members to bake desserts and make delicious smoothies in so that the protagonist can open her bakeries all over the world. In addition to having fun, you can have ideas for making those sweets in real life and take advantage of the confinement even more.

    Price: free.

    stella parcheesi

    Parcheesi is the ideal game to play as a family. Choose a color, roll the dice and start a game that won't end until one of you wins. Certain, pay attention to the tension that exists in some Parcheesi's games, and put end of some family relationships. By the way, if your mobile screen is too small, this game is also suitable for tablets.

    Price: free.


    Monopoly is that strategy game with which you can spend hours and hours playing with your family. Having a good business plan is the key to have more properties in town than your rivals and thus win the game. This mobile adaptation of Monopoly has a multiplayer mode that is ideal for family play.

    Price: 4,49 euro.

    Find the differences

    We can provide little new information on this classic game where the goal is find the differences between one image and another. Who is the family member who has the best eye for difference? Start a game to find out. This game in question has 750 levels, so you can play non-stop until you get bored. By the way, there are pictures both for children and adults.

    Price: free.

    Bloons TD 6

    This strategy game for the whole family consists of design the best defense towers with monkeys of different types. You need to know the characteristics of each to create the best possible tower. Once designed, you must defeat all the bloons that come your way.

    Price: 4,99 euro.

    DIY fashion genius

    If you share the passion for fashion with any of your family members, with this game you can work together to create DIY style clothing design projects (do-it-yourself). Take the old clothes and give them a new look and turn the main character into a real fashion star.

    Price: free.

    Agriculture simulator

    We have completely changed the third to move into the world of agriculture and farming with Farming Simulator, a game that you can share with your family if you like this area. The goal of the game is harvest crops, take care of animals and sell your produce on the market to become the best farmer in Farming Simulator.

    Price: 6,49 euro.

    Monument Valley 2

    One of the best games to share with the family is Monument Valley 2, where you will have to guide a mother and her daughter in an original world full of puzzles that you will have to solve together. It's a visually appealing piece of work that manages to captivate you even more with a soundtrack composed specifically for the game.

    Price: 5,49 euro.

    Bridge builder

    It's time to learn how to build bridges across valleys, rivers and canals as a family. Bridge Constructor has 40 levels where you will have to prove that you know how build a bridge that will withstand thousands of cars, trucks and even tankers. You have to check both the material and the budget you have available. Who is the best in the family that builds bridges?

    Price: 1,39 euro.

    Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classico

    Relive the mythical games with the Sonic hedgehog with your children thanks to this mobile adaptation in which there is no shortage of rings, jumps and the evil Dr. Eggman. You can also play with the Tails and Knuckles characters and use their skills to fly, climb and glide through the different levels.

    Price: free.


    As the name reflects, it's a game for two that works over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Every player must use your cell phone to shoot the opponent while he tries to dodge his bullets tilting the phone to the side. In addition, you can play together in the Defense mode, in which you will have to work together to defend yourself from the other attackers.

    Price: free.


    Family games can be terrifying too, like this Reporter to which yes recommends playing in the dark, with headphones and, of course, always with someone. This game puts you in the shoes of a reporter who must seek the truth behind a series of strange events taking place in a city. Do not there are no alarms, no terrifying creatures or the chases in the dark in Reporter. Are you ready to be afraid?

    Price: 0,59 euro.

    The House of Da Vinci

    Da Vinci's House is the place you must go with your family for solve mechanical puzzles, find lost objects, escape room in the purer "Escape rooms" style and, in short, discover what lies behind your teacher, Leonardo Da Vinci. If you want to relive the Renaissance while working your mind with brain games and puzzles, The House of Da Vinci is the title you are looking for.

    Price: 5,49 euro.

    Marte: Marte

    The time has come to put aside imprisonment (just for a while) and travel with the family to a far, far away place. In particular, you can travel together to the red planet, Mars, with this game called Mars: Mars. You can hop on the jet packs and explore distant lands that will easily captivate you thanks to its minimalist and charming graphics.

    Price: free.

    suzy cube

    Let's move on to adventure games with this title with which you can see who can last longer controlling Suzy Cube as she jumps from platform to platform without falling into the void. The game has more than 40 levels full of secrets that you will have to discover little by little. If you want to compete between jumps a bit, Suzy Cube is a good option.

    Price: 4,49 euro.


    This mythical game, which many of us used in old versions of Windows when we were bored, can be also played in the family if you organize a championship to see who is the best. Specifically, this mobile or tablet pinball machine is interesting because it maintains the characteristics of the traditional game while betting on different styles of chessboard.

    Price: free.

    Vertical Adventure - Jump, Die, Try Again

    Vertical Adventure is an arcade game designed specifically for mobile, so it is played vertically and with just one finger, with no virtual buttons. In each level, you have to control some kind of worm so that you advance across the screen collecting objectives without colliding with enemies. Vertical Adventure is a skill game that you can download to compete as a family.

    Price: free.

    RISK: Global Domination

    This popular board game is also adapted for Android phones and tablets. Choose a team and take on your family members for defend your territories on the board and destroy them, your great enemies. The mission is clear: to conquer the world. If you've never played Risk, you can start at the beginner level and level up.

    Price: free.

    hidden people

    How is your ability to find objects and characters in images? That's what Hidden Folks is all about, where you'll have to dig deep into dozens of hand-drawn landscapes up to find out where all the objectives that appear in the list are. For this you will have to interact with the drawing itself, for example by opening doors, cutting down trees, moving some objects, etc. By the way, if the game gets complicated, you can always use clues.

    Price: free.

    Button bored

    If you can no longer limit yourself and you don't know what to do to have fun, we offer you Bored Button, a curious game that aims to put an end to boredom. You just have to do click the button on the screen to start appearing one game after another. If you particularly like any of them, you can save it as a favorite to play it on other occasions.

    Price: free.

    Children's doctor: dentist

    You can also take advantage of family time for teach the little ones the importance of dental hygiene. This original animal dentist gives children the opportunity to perform dental work on little hippos, lions or monkeys as they learn to care for their teeth.

    Price: free.

    Moto X3M bike racing game

    We conclude with a racing game, in this case on motorcycles, with which you can also compete as a family. Who is the best driver of all? You have to wear a helmet, have a good grip on the handlebars and accelerate avoiding all obstacles that appear along the way. Whoever reaches the finish line fastest will have won the Moto X3M Bike Race Game family trophy.

    Price: free.

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