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    Error «I don't see skin or my skin in Minecraft» - Solution

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    My skin is not visible, but the others are, how can I fix it?

    It may happen that, being a user who has downloaded the Non Premium version, you get the skins error in Minecraft when you don't see your own custom appearance, but that of other players if they are fully observed.

    Even when playing in solitary mode this problem persists and if you have already verified that your connection, hardware or capabilities of your computer have something to do with this then you need to perform the following procedure.

    The game is usually installed in a system folder called » app data «, There is a file in it that could cause this error, so it must be deleted so that it can regenerate itself again when starting or downloading a version of Minecraft.

    To access this system location, you need to press the key combination "Win + R" and type the following shortcut in the pop-up window: «% Appdata%». Pressing » Submit »Will take you to that folder, where you will see the file cabinet «.minecraft».

    Entering it you will notice that it is made up of many files, and one of these, specifically a folder, will be called " asset”. To complete this step, you simply need to delete it, close the folder and restart the game, which should fix the problem.

    If this does not work, it is possible that, so that the error does not continue to occur within the folder " asset «, You should download a different version than the one you are using, in which case, you need to repeat the process and install a new (newer) Minecraft.

    Fix skins error in Minecraft when no custom skin is displayed

    This is also a problem among Minecraft users, both for those who have one Premium version both for those who do not have it, and the reason why this happens can be very simple, and does not deserve another solution but to wait.

    Sometimes, the players experience the skin bug in Minecraft mainly from the Mojang server, in particular, the party that is responsible for providing user appearances.

    It's a situation that has been reported over the years, but usually doesn't happen more than a couple of times per season, so if in your case, you have several days or even weeks of server play where you still can't get to. see no skin, your problem is another.

    That said, if it's the first scenario, you just have to wait for it Mojang tidy everything up in a couple of days. On the other hand, if it's the other, you may be experiencing Lag issues, and to optimize performance, the game is skipping loading skins from the world.

    If you are presented with the second scenario, then, you should consider upgrading your data plan, or considering a hardware change in your computer, like this Minecraft it will work normally without having to skip loading items into the game.

    Use a less loaded server

    Another reason why the Minecraft skins error it may not be due to the connectivity or capacity of your computer, but to the load of users within a server.

    Many of these Realms have a large number of participants, even more than it could support, so, as in the previous problem, it will look for a way to optimize the play load, excluding the skins the world.

    You may also have problems with your Minecraft multiplayer skins, but don't worry, it's easy to fix.

    Just like you encountered this error when trying to play Minecraft, you can also come across others, for example when your Minecraft game won't open.

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