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FORECLOSED, the new title of Antab Studio, comes with a rather short list of trophies, as well as with a peculiar graphic style and a well-made cyberpunk setting. But we leave all your curiosities to our review and let's focus here on the trophies.


  • AI training - Spend your first EXP point
  • Balance and Excerpt - Get the signature of all creditors for the balance and excerpt
  • Neuro-connector - Get the neuro-connector
  • A Difficult Decision - Get rid of the Expert
  • A False Clue - Discover Kyklos plan
  • A Symbiotic Weapon - Get the symbiotic gun
  • Telekinesis - Use telekinesis for the first time
  • Silent overload - Hack a mind implant for the first time
  • Breach - Hack your first device


    • The hunter - Land 500 telekinetic bullets
    • Flatline - Get 15 silent kills
    • Unstoppable - Defeat 250 enemies
    • Mind over Matter - Throw 25 objects using telekinesis
    • Weightlifting - Raise 25 enemies
    • Sniper - Get 75 headshots
    • One Click Away - Make your final decision and finish the game
    • Spoiler - Hack all turrets in the Luxurious Club


      • A Voice in the Dark - Unlock the secret ending by intercepting all hidden signals in a single match
      • Without Escape Route - Land 1000 telekinetic bullets
      • Brain-hacker - Get 30 silent kills
      • Cyborg - Defeat 350 enemies
      • Dominator of Gravity - Throw 50 objects using telekinesis
      • Zero gravity - Raise 50 enemies
      • Veteran sniper - Get 150 headshots


        • Case Closed - You didn't leave any unfinished business

        Don't be fooled by the low number of trophies. The rather homogeneous distribution between bronze, silver and gold, in addition to the need to unlock the secret ending, will make FORECLOSED's platinum hunt quite complex.

        ► Foreclosed is a Shooter-RPG-Adventure-indie type game developed by Merge Games Antab Studio and published by Merge Games for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Google Stadia, the video game is released on 12/08/2021
        Foreclosed is a nice game that we recommend: we decided to evaluate it with a 70%, if you are interested in learning more you can read the Foreclosed Review.

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